Zendaya has developed a grace image in Disney’s lover for around seven years now. She has developed into a good role model for young girls. For when she’s not acting, she is pushing for styling-inspiration and fighting for gender equality.

As Zendaya hair hasn’t been something she was always proud of yet as she now has turned out to be more confident in her own skin. She has let her hair in more loosen mood and flowing free. Each haircut Zendaya attempts, she shakes it out for the elegant look.

So let’s take a look and take a motivation from her most stunning looks as following.


Long Waves to Curly


Starting for young teen roles and in soft image, Zendaya appeared on the red carpet in sparkling soft style waves. This look is such a natural way to be on elegant aura. Wanting to be in more gorgeous flowing hair style? This one is definitely for you.

Not only on waves, curly is also a very charming style that she has given a try. She has appeared in long curly flowing hair that supported by hair extensions. You can be an eye-catching spot for anywhere you are with these wavy hair extensions.


Bob or in bang

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As bob is never getting out of date for fashion styles. It’s likely all of our celebs have been try this cuts for once. In love with the dark shade hair, you can join with Zendaya. Keeping her black locks and getting a bob cut with bang is a right choice.

With the soft front fringe, this gave her bob a glamor look. Go along with her mix match black outfit, it’s a big move for a chic vibe. If you still love dark bob but no bang, her other look is also a good step for you. Just let it all straight and sleek, like a blunt fabulous trendy bob.


Straight Long and flows

6 2

Just for some lazy day this loose style is a top must. However, this also can be a standout look for an event. Just keep it simple and yes, that’s the best. Get it long and straight but in such a stylish way as our lovely star.

Even appear in a fashion look but Zendaya still wear on a sweetie aura that everyone loves. We all know her natural hair texture is far from this straight, but who said we can’t try? This new look makes her much more outstanding and such a luxurious look to try on.

Ponytail in styles

6 3

Messy pony or sleek pony is just a new step for her to get more interesting looks. As the most confident style for girls, ponytail can be excellent way to show off your entire face shape. This is the one that all confident ladies need to try.

You can look such a charming stylish look and also unique chic style. Try it out like our beloved star will the straight ponytail or rocker style. These are gorgeous hair styles that you should put on at least once.

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