Yarn Braids Hairstyles – What Are They And How To Take Care Of Them?

Yarn Braids Hair 3

Starting with a ‘Y’ and end with an ‘N’, yarn braids are definitely one of those edgy hairstyles you might want to try out in the upcoming 2020. In other words, if you are planning to refresh your own images, why not start with a new hairstyle? And that “new hairstyle” we’re having for you today is the yarn braids hairstyle. Below, we have some of the coolest yarn braids hairstyles to get you an absolute revitalizing look, so make sure to keep scrolling down to find out what those are.

What are yarn braids?

African might have long been familiar with this hairstyle, others don’t. Basically, you can refer them to hair extensions as yarn braids are twists created from threads. They’re a type of protective hairdo since instead of your own hair, you’ll use the yarns. As a result, the yarns will protect our hair from external factors as well as keeping your kinky curls from getting frizzy.

The yarns used for yarn braids are usually 100% acrylic. Some use wool, of course. However, wools are too hot to use, especially in summer. Besides, woolens may lock up the hair and weaken your tresses. Depending on the style you’re going for, the number of hairs can be different, but yarn braids hairstyles are usually affordable as you can have a nice lock with only less than 10$.

Some iconic Yarn braids hairstyles

It might be weird at first, but once you’ve committed to the yarn braids, you’ll find it super versatile a hairstyle. That is to say, yarn braids can come in every color at any length and match any vibe you want to give off – from carefree to elegant.

Colored Yarn Braids

Yarn Braids Hairstyle 1

If you’re sick of having chemicals on your strands, have it on the yarns. Yarn braids are being called a protective hairstyle for nothing. You can have your braids dyed black, red, blue, or even rainbow without worrying the colorings will cause breakage to your lock.

If you want to give off the playful yet full of boldness, try rainbow-colored yarn braids. The method is surprisingly simple actually; all you need to do is to wear different colors on each braid and apply it on your hair. With such vibrant palettes on your lock, you’ll definitely stand out no matter where you are.

Half-top Yarn Braids

Yarn Braids Hair 2

Not even mention the yarn braids, a half-top has always been the most go-to hairstyle among hair-lovers. Nevertheless, the most interesting thing about having a half-top yarn braids hairstyle is that you can add the colors to make it more fun. Imagine having your yarns colored in some bright shades and tied up into a half topknot bun. It would be insane!

Short Yarn Braids

Yarn Braids Hair 3

As we said, yarn braids match with any lengths of hair, including the shortest. Should you worry that your short hair makes it difficult to have different hairstyles, think it over because yarn braids go extremely well with short hairs. Normally, yarn braids on short hair will offer a flat back and extra heights in the front, thus give off a unique yet eye-pleasing look.

Accessorized Yarn Braids

Yarn Braids Hair 4

Hair accessories are of great importance to hairstyles. Some sparkly beads or hairpieces on darker colored hair will make an incredible combination. Also, isn’t the hairstyle gives you so much the bohemian vibes?

How to care for yarn braids?

We’ve been talking about it forever, but yarn braids are a very low maintenance hairstyle. Therefore, even if you’re about to a yarn braids hairstyle in summer, don’t hesitate. The hairstyle would be enjoyable with the least cares. In fact, the yarns will keep moisture on your tresses, contributing to a healthier lock of you.

Be that as it may, there are still some notes to take when having yarn braids hairstyles. First of all, the braids can be kept in the hair for up to 8 weeks at most, and once feeling your scalp dirty, wash your hair as soon as possible to remove residues. Yarn braids are very heavy when wet, so when washing it, try to lay it down instead of holding it. After washing the yarns well, squeeze them thoroughly. If you haven’t felt like washing the braids yet, you can consider purifying the roots and your scalp only. Lastly, remember to conditioning both the braids and your hair routinely to keep nourishing the lock and prevent dehydration.

Apart from the 5 suggestions you saw above, you can also custom a yarn braids hairstyle of your own. If your hair is too short for a yarn braid or you are afraid of damaging your natural hair, try styling yarn braid on hair extensions in advance. At least you will have a trial for the better next.

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