Vietnam Virgin Hair 00007
Vietnam Virgin Hair 00007

We all comb our hair everyday. We all wash our hair every 2-3 days. We all try our best to take care of our hair. We all want to get silky smooth hair. Nevertheless, not everyone knows which kind their hair belongs to. The fact is that knowing our hair type is really important because it can help us to find out the best ways to take care of our Vietnam virgin hair type.

Vietnam virgin hair can be divided into four main types: normal hair, oily hair, dry hair and combination hair. Normally, Vietnam virgin hair types are associated with skin types. Those with normal skin often have normal hair. Similarly, those with oily skin often have oily hair. Those with dry skin often have dry hair. And those with combination skin often have combination hair.

Vietnam Virgin Hair 0003

  1. Normal hair:

If your Vietnam virgin hair is not too oily and dry, this is normal hair which can be easily cared for. You just need to combine normal shampoo with conditioner to prevent your Vietnam virgin hair from environmental damages.

  1. Oily hair:

“Greasy”, “messy” and “sticky” are the common words that people use to describe oily hair. In addition, people with oil hair usually face with dandruff. Only one day after shampooing, the hairs stick together and your Vietnam virgin hair looks dirty. To deal with it, you should wash your hair with cool water to reduce dandruff and avoid using moisturizing shampoos.

Vietnam Hair Oily

  1. Dry hair:

Dry hair looks unsleek and lifeless due to the lack of moisture. You have to face the problem of split ends, too.

Vietnam Hair Dry Hair

Your Vietnam virgin hair tends to fall and break a lot. It is necessary for you to limit the use of comb, especially when your Vietnam virgin hair is wet. Also, try to limit the you of dryer, straightener and curling machine. Make sure to provide enough moisture to your Vietnam virgin hair.

  1. Combination hair:

Combination hair is the combination of oily hair and dry hair. Hair roots are greasy while hair ends are dry. According to according to hair experts, you should only use conditioner on the ends of your Vietnam virgin hair. Besides, remember to cover your Vietnam virgin hair with wide brimmed hat when going out on sunny days.

Vietnam Virgin Hair 00007

After you find out the answer for the question about your Vietnam virgin hair type, it is completely easy for you to choose the most suitable comb, shampoo, conditioner, apply the methods of hair care which you can try at home and decide how many times you should comb your hair or go to the hair salon. We hope that your hair will soon be as beautiful as expected.



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