What is the difference between Taylor Swift with makeup and without makeup?

01 Taylor Swift No Makeup

As a fan of music, you may not hear the name Taylor Swift once. The famous singer of America has been conquering all the music charts and attracting fans from all over the world. People love Taylor Swift not only because of her songs and outgoing character, but also her beauty sparkling everywhere she goes. The image of her without makeup has been too familiar with her fans and the public as whenever she can, she takes off the layer of makeup. Yet, there’s nothing changed. She still pulls off her perfect look. Let look at the following images of Taylor Swift no makeup and you will totally agree.

Vibrant girl on the beach

02 Taylor Swift No Makeup

Taylor Swift was seen on a beach enjoying her free time. The country singer was walking on the sand with her pair of shoes on her hands. She had a sling bag on one shoulder and looked gentle and feminine in a lovely floral summer dress. Her beautiful face flashed a bright smile that makes anyone fall for her. This picture looks like a photoshoot of Taylor Swift rather than a random photo of the singer with no stitch of makeup on her face. Such a wonderful beauty.

Taylor Swift no makeup in the summer

03 Taylor Swift No Makeup

There is one thing that Taylor Swift can make people admire. That is the pretty smile that always appears on her face regardless of her tiredness from the hectic schedule. This photo again shows the beauty of nature with no layer of makeup. Taylor was dressed in a simple blue shirt but she is still as stunning as she always is. Holding a cup of ice-cream, the summer girl looks really cute under the sunlight.

A selfie with her cat

04 Taylor Swift No Makeup

It seems that Taylor has just showered her hair since it still looks damp and messy. Yet, the un-styled hair cannot undertone the beauty of Taylor Swift. She looks adorable besides her cat. And with this selfie, we can see her face clearly. As she was at home, Taylor let her face free from makeup, which shows all her perfect facial contours and the flawless skin.

Gorgeous with street style

Taylor Swift really knows how to look good every time, and her outfit is one of the factors that plays up her appearance and shows her smart taste for fashion. Wearing a black striped shirt and trousers and a cross bag to complete her look, Taylor Swift shines her beauty even though she did not have any touch-ups. Her short blonde hairstyle with bangs brings the image of a confident and dynamic girl full of energy. Taylor proves that natural beauty cannot depend on cosmetics products, but it’s your attitude towards life and how you care for yourself that will speak louder.


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The girl of winter

06 Taylor Swift No Makeup

Taylor Swift appeared on the street, heading somewhere with a long red coat and blue jeans. She looks like a doll with the arched bangs and the long wavy hair falling off her shoulders. The doom sky of a winter day cannot dim her beautiful bare face and fair skin. Taylor had her headphone on while wandering on the street. She was enjoying every second of her free time. 

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Casual look outside

07 Taylor Swift No Makeup

This picture is a sporty girl in the field. Taylor was wearing a simple grey T-shirt and no makeup, her curly hair flowing freely. But that’s all she needs to be stunning. The blonde princess is charming as a matter of fact.

With the above pictures of Taylor Swift no makeup, we can see her unchangeable beauty. Her fancy makeup and outfits can only serve for her concept in her stages, but it’s totally not a reason for her grace.

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