What does Adele’s bare face look like?

01 Adele No Makeup

The veteran singer Adele with her powerful and emotional voice has won the heart of so many music lovers all around the world. The owner of numerous music awards has built up a remarkable career since her debut in 2006. Being a super singer, Adele always looks gorgeous when performing her songs. Yet, she has never tried to hide her real look as there are a lot of images of Adele no makeup on the streets that shows her bare face. She used to have a big figure, but she loved her body and still pulled off her appearance with it. Let check the following pictures of Adele to see how she looks like with no makeup covered.

Too cute to handle

02 Adele No Makeup

This cuteness overloaded picture of Adele has emerged throughout the internet. She was making an apology pose with a placard of the sorry message that she scribbled on her hand. The singer pouted her lips and showed her apologetic face which can make anyone laugh because of the adorability.

Adele let her face totally free from makeup here, and we can see the dark circle of her eyes that shows her tiredness. Despite that, she was still beautiful with the fair and flawless skin. She set her soft strawberry blonde hair to one side, making her look gentle and elegant.

Dinner with her friend

03 Adele No Makeup

When she enjoys her time outside her work schedule, Adele often lets her face free from makeup. Being one of the best-selling music artists in the world, but Adele looks really simple in her daily life. This picture was taken by one of her close friends when they gathered for dinner. Adele had her hair tied into a soft bun with the front lock styled in a back brush. Her milky skin with no layer of foundation once again drew the attention of any viewer.

Adele no makeup in her coffee time

04 Adele No Makeup

Adele was enjoying her coffee time in a nearby café in the morning. She dressed in a thick sweater and adorably snuggled into it to keep her warm. Although the famous singer had no layer of cosmetic products on her face, she still confidently flashed a smile and waved to the camera. Adele had never been afraid that her bare face can affect her image. Her golden voice and good nature are what make people fall for her. 

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A no-makeup photo on her birthday

05 Adele No Makeup

Adele took a photo of herself with a thump up to mark her birthday. She was at home and went makeup-free for the photo. Her hair was put into a high ponytail that showed her face clearly. Adele looks quite tired with the prominent bags under her eyes. The owner of a long list of hits is a hard-working person. She spends most of her time preparing new songs and albums even on her special day. In spite of that, we can see a lovely girl with her big smile here. Adele proves that a girl does not need to cake on layers of makeup to be beautiful and she always treasures all the things she does.

After losing 45 kilogram

06 Adele No Makeup

On August 1, 2020, Adele confidently showed off her fresh bare face and slim body after remarkably losing 45 kg. She shared this photo on her Instagram to support the music film Black Is King of Beyonce. The photo has drawn a large number of comments from the netizens expressing their surprise on the totally new image of Adele.

According to the coach of Adele, the voice of Rolling on the Deep has never thought of showing off her body or try to be sexy for the sake of selling her albums. The reason that Adele wanted to lose her weight is to stay healthy and take care of her child. She worries about her health will go down, especially after having a baby and the surgery due to her illness.

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