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What do you know about full sew in weave?

Full Sew In

When it comes to the best types of sew in weave, there are lots of method for you to choose. And if you don’t know what type of sew in weave you want or what options are out there, this blog is exactly for you. Through all we want to share with you, hope you find it useful and get the most interesting information related to full sew in weave.

Different types of sew in weave?

01 Full Sew In

In general, people often wonder if how many ways there are you can apply to get sew in weave hairstyle. Basically, there are only two ways you can apply for sew in installation. One is with leave out hair and the other is no leave out hair. No matter what type of sew in you get (leave out or no leave out), each method comes within these two categories – a partial sew in and a full sew in. Each method has its own purpose. By making a comparison between these two types, we will help you understand more about full sew in weave and its exciting features.

What is a partial sew in?

02 Sew In

“Partial” means only one or some parts, not the whole. Here, in the application of sew in weave, a partial method means that the base of your sew in hairstyle is just partially braided. This method will allow you to leave a specific portion of your natural out so that it can cover the wefts that have been attached to your hair. If you own a proper way of installation and choose the right type of sew in weave for your hair type, partial hair sew in weave will definitely give you the most natural look. In this method, it is important that your natural hair need to be long enough to blend in our extensions as well as the right texture or color to match your own. To achieve the best result, we highly recommend that you should choose human hair weave for the installation of partial sew in. Human hair can blend well with your real hair, creating the most natural look.

Different types of partial sew in weave

There are three basic types of partial sew in weave

– Traditional sew in weave – about 15 percent of your hair is leave out to cover sew in hair extensions. You can choose a middle part sew in or a side part sew in.

– Flip over sew in weave – leaves your front hairline out so that sew in weave can blend with your extensions.

– Versatile sew in – just enough hair is left out to cover a part as well as the entire perimeter of your hair line (leave enough hair to put up into a ponytail).

What is a full sew in weave?

03 Full Sew In

Unlike partial sew in, a full sew in weave describes that the base of your sew in is fully braided. During the application, either a lace closure or a lace frontal will be sewn on the top of your braids. Sew in weave bring you more options when it comes to hair color, hair texture of hair length of the extensions. As your hair has been fully braided, there is completely no blending in the installation. With this method, you can choose your favorite hair texture, hair color or hair length without worrying that extensions will not blend with your natural hair. However, the necessary thing is that your hair need to be long enough so that we can braid all of it easily.

Different types of full sew in weave

Each hair exporter has different types of sew in weave. In APO store, a leading Vietnamese hair supplier, there are two types of full sew in weave style.

– Lace closure: We have lace closure with two size: size 4×4 and size 5×5. These acts as the parting space on top of a full braided base

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– Lace frontal: We have lace frontal with size 13×4, covering the entire front hairline from ear to ear

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Each type of sew in weave has its own pros and cons. If you want the hairstyle looks more natural and don’t want to braid all your hair, you can choose partial sew in method. This way doesn’t require any glues or adhesives. However, its disadvantage side is that you need to know how to blend your hair extensions if you want the most natural look.

If you get full sew in weave method, you can believe that it has low maintenance. Also, this method is a full protective style so your hair gets chance to grow. Especially, you don’t have to make effort to blend your hair into the hair extensions. However, it has less versatility than partial method. Even , some methods require adhesives or glue, which needs high maintenance.

There are many types of sew in weave hairstyles in APO Hair. Click HERE if you want to get more information of our products or order the best quality hair extensions in our collection!




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