Wet and wavy weave hairstyles

Wet Wavy Weave

There are many types of hair extensions available in the hair market today. However, what if you have straight hair extensions but want to create new wavy texture for your hairstyle. You are afraid that hair extensions can be damages by the effect of hair curler at high heat. Do you need to buy other pack of hair extensions? Believe us, at those times, a set of nice wet and wavy weave hair extensions will help you deal with all.

What is weave and wavy weave hairstyle?

It is important for you to know that the process of creating a wet and wavy weave require little chemical and heat. That’s why wet and wavy hairstyles are commonly known as the hair that can easily transform from wavy to straight texture and vice versa. With a set of wet and wavy weave hair extensions, you will find it extremely easy to have a body wavy hairstyle today and a chic elegant straight hair the following day at ease.

Wet and wavy hairstyles

It cannot be denied that hair extensions are great ways for us to enhance our look, and so is the wet and wavy weave hairstyle. In general, wet and wavy hair can be applied for various hair color (from dark to light shades) and different hair length (from short to long locks). Below, we are going to show you some best hairstyles for wet and wavy weave that you might want to try for a new hairstyle.

Loose Braid Waves

Wet Wavy hair

This is a quite exceptional hairstyle, as you don’t want to activate the wet and wavy look for your weave for the first step . Instead, the first thing you want is to braid your weave, right after being sprayed the water-conditioner mixture on, into four segments. In this hairstyle, keep in mind that the messier the braids look, the more natural your waves will look. It requires you to skillfully braid the hair. You need to leave the braid until it is completely dry before you undo it. To make it more defined, use a sea-salt spray and scrunch up your hair one more time.

Scarf Buns

Wet wavy hair

It’s always preferable to have a bun, especially when we are living in a modern world when the air is polluted, and deadlines keep coming after us. It’s necessary that we look for a hairstyle that is protective, low-maintenance, yet can still keep us pretty and chic, and that is when the bun becomes so popular among girls. But isn’t it boring just having buns day by day? Well, that’s why we call it the scarf bun. All you have to do is to have a normal bun, but you want to finish it by tying a scarf around it as an accessory, and there you have a whole new refreshing bun for your busy day.


Wet wavy weave hair

As we said, the wet and wavy weave a favorable thanks to its ability to change from wavy texture to straighter one. There are two ways to deactivate your wet and wavy weave – either by using your round brush or by blow-drying.

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Wet and wavy hairstyle – fastest way to go from straight to wavy locks

How to take care of your wet and wavy weave?

With wet and wavy hair, especially the one created with human hair, people will find it easy to change length, texture and style of the hair as they want. However, not all of them know how to take care of weave properly. Here’s how to effectively take care of wet and wavy weave hair from tangling. We hope that these methods are useful to you.

Wet wavy hair

Remove knots or tangles from your wet & wavy weave by a wide tooth or your fingers. Try to make it as gentle as possible. If you are having dry hair extensions ,you can use a round brush to smooth out the waves. To the straight level as you want, don’t forrget to repeat this step section by section . Another way is to use your hairdryer at the warm setting and comb your hair downward until your hair is straightened.

Use high quality shampoo and conditioner to shampoo and condition your weave hair every 7-14 days

If you are not in a hurry, let the weave naturally dry. Alternatively, you can blow-dry wet and wavy weave on a low heat setting.

Braid the weave into 2-4 braids and then wrap it with a silk or satin scarf or pillow before you go to bed.

If you want to wear hair extensions while exercising, you can wear your weave in 2 braids or in a ponytail.



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