Wearing Short Wig When Having Natural Long Hair – Basic Steps For Beginner

01 Short Wig

Wigs are now widely used as awesome accessories, but when you realize that how to wear this amazing product, you will feel very confused. And if a girl with long hair but she want to go through a short-hair-style by trying a short wig, it becomes a nightmare for her. Deciding to cut the long shiny natural hair? Oh dear, you don’t need to do this stupid work, everything will be solved with APOHAIR. Follow our instruction in this blog, you will realize that hiding the hair under a short wig is not as hard as you think.

Before applying the wig, you need to…

Portrait Of Calm Emotionless Model With Long Windy Hair.studio Shot.

Be sure that you have smooth hair and tangle-free. If you have naturally frizzy or very coarse hair, it’s is important to apply extra conditioner to make it be more limp and compliant under the wig. However, if you have fine hair, be careful not to over-condition it because you need some frictions to make the wig caps stay in place.

Besides, you will need a short wig, of course, a wig cap, and maybe some bobby pins ( or roller pins) to support for installation perfectly.

Now, let’s start …

Braid And Swirl “Crown” On The Head

03 Short Wig

We are going to separating the hair into two equal sections and braiding them behind each ear. Keep the braid as loose as possible so that they can easily be spread out or mashed flat as need. You shouldn’t braid the hair too tight because it will create lumps under the wigs.

06 Short Wig

Dividing the hair into four braids instead of two is the suggestion if your hair is thick or wavy. Make sure that when you wrap them around your head, the braids don’t overlap because it also can create lumps when you apply a wig.

07 Short Wig

It’s time to swirl and tuck those braid as Heidi Braid Hairstyle. Take the first braid and bring it across the back of the head to the opposite side, and wrap over the top of the head. Do the same with the next braid: cross it under the opposite braids and brought it around the front of the previous braid. Actually, you can put the braids wherever you want, just remember to secure all the braid by the bobby pins. You can imagine that you are wearing “ a beautiful crown”.

Installing Hair Cap

When all braids section is pinned in place securely, it’s time to install the wig cap. Stretching the wig cap all of your hair, get all the edges of the cap back up to your hairline. The hair cap can help to hold the braid and the stray hairs in place. Try to tuck as much hair under the cap as possible.

04 Short Wig

If you have fluffy hair, it’s okay to use double up on wig cap to mash it down flatter. Or vice versa, if you don’t have any cap, it’s fine. But I recommend using a wig cap cause it helps to get the perfect short wig installation, actually.

Wig Time!

When you’ve finished with the wig cap, it’s time for putting the wig on. Stretch again but this time is the wig elastic. Lift up a section of wig hair to expose the cap mesh, then insert a few hairpins through the cap into the braid to secure the wig. Do this work someplace over the crown and the edges of the wigs. The longer your natural hair is, the more pins you need to use in order to keep them from sliding out of the wigs.

05 Short Wig

Finally, Let’s see the result…

 If you are a beginner, maybe it takes you over 20 minutes or longer but when you are professional, just in less than 10 minutes, the long natural hair has been replaced by a short trendy hairstyle, which you had dreamed of a very long time. So what are you waiting for? Let get a more memorable time with the short hair wig, which can stay securely on your head for 14 hours if you desired.

08 Short Wig



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