Wavy ponytail – Rocking a beautiful look every single day

01 Wavy Ponytail

Tired of thinking about how to style your hair each day? Don’t have time to make a nice hairstyle for a date due to heavy work load? If you are having such a headache because of these problems, we bring you with a special medicine, wavy ponytail. With wavy ponytail, you can run through each day of your week with impressive hairstyles. Why can this simple hairstyle be so powerful like that? Let find out below.

Mastering a beauty secret with wavy ponytail after minutes  

If your hair is long enough, you can make a wavy hair ponytail on your own hair. Otherwise, you can always use a wavy ponytail extension like a wavy hair drawstring ponytail. Regardless of which hair you will use, it is totally not complicated to style wavy ponytail. For those who can’t manage your time for a trip to hair salon, wavy ponytail will transform you to a beauty within minutes with several simple items.

02 Wavy Ponytail

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There are also many wavy ponytail hairstyles for you to apply. Hence, it can go with you through your workplace, enjoy your weekends or anything between. Just make some slight adjustment to the normal wavy ponytail, you will have a new style to welcome the day.

Below we introduce you some lovely wavy ponytail hairstyles that you can apply easily.

5 stunning wavy ponytail hairstyles you can DIY at home

Low Wavy Ponytail

03 Wavy Ponytail

Girls with long hair fall in love with this hairstyle as it can show off their silky hair and the soft waves. To make this wavy ponytail, you need to use a large-barreled curling iron to create big and loose waves from the mid-lengths through the ends of your hair. Then, gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it. Using a wide and silky bow to cap the hair will make you look sweet and feminine. Remember to prep damp your hair before using curling iron to have smooth waves.

Wavy ponytail with bangs

04 Wavy Ponytail

Even if your bangs are side-swept or blunt, it can be a detail to play up your beautiful wavy ponytail. To make your bangs match perfectly with the ponytail, you should also curl it lightly. Make sure the texture of the bangs similar to the ponytail. With this style, you will look more youthful and full of energy.

Classic high wavy ponytail

05 Wavy Ponytail

This wavy ponytail hairstyle is the classic one with no bangs nor any special details. But sometimes simple can speak more. With your hair tied into a high bun, you look really sporty and healthy. Being a dynamic summer girl can never be that easy.

Wavy-mid ponytail


06 Wavy Ponytail

With this hair, you will tie your hair loosely into a mid-bun and let some light waves in the front to frame your face. You can tease the crown to add volume to the top hair. This style is suitable for workdays, some weekend parties or a night cocktail. How flexible.

Wavy ponytail with a side braid

07 Wavy Ponytail

Making a cute braid running from the temple down the side is a creative idea. Tie it with your high wavy ponytail will create a highlight in your hairstyle. You can take part in any events with this adorable hairstyle.  

Some side note

For those with long hair, you can make a wavy ponytail on your own hair to have the most natural look. Yet, remember to take care of your hair carefully if you make wavy ponytail hairstyles on a regular basis. Frequent heat exposure will make your hair break and less healthy.

And for girls who love long wavy ponytail but the natural hair doesn’t have enough length, wavy ponytail extension is always out there for you. At APO’s store, we offer many marvelous ponytail extensions at reasonable price. Let check it out and you will totally fall for it once you use.

We hope that amidst your hectic schedule, you can make a balance to enjoy life and color it with wavy ponytail. Try to apply the styles on your hair, you will satisfy with your look every day.

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