To describe the advantages of Vietnam remy hair extensions, there are three adjectives most used: “safe”, “convenient” and “fashionable”. Because of these advantages, these days, Vietnam remy hair extensions are widely used not only by celebrities but also normal people. It can’t be denied that remy hair extensions play an extremely important role in improving their appearance.


However, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to take care of their extensions correctly and the way they wash hair is one of these mistakes. Many of them, especially those with long hair extensions have a habit of washing only some parts of their extensions without being aware of its bad effects to both the quality and the longevity of the extensions.

Your hair extensions are not completely cleansed

Some girls often wash only the ends of their hair extensions or any part they think that it is dirty. They believe this is a way to save time. They even assume that only those with short hair extensions and medium hair extensions wash their whole extensions after each time wearing them. In fact, hair extensions will be more dirty because there is no way that the shampoo is rinsed out of the hair, which facilitates dirt and grime in clinging tightly to hair extensions. This finally can cause a very greasy look.

The nutrition to your hair extensions is not delivered equally

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Do you know that many nutrient-rich shampoos and conditioners can benefit not only your natural hair but also your hair extensions? The fact is that beneficial ingredients in shampoos as well as conditioners play a very important role in softening your extensions and even increasing their life expectancy.

Therefore, if you wash only some parts of your hair extensions, the nutrition to your hair extensions is not delivered equally. When you wash your hair this, the unwashed parts may lose shine and luster. Therefore, try to wash your whole remy hair extensions so that the nutrition is equally distributed and all hair extensions are given an intensive shine.

The elasticity of your hair extensions is broken

Washing only some parts of your remy hair extensions means that you are damaging these parts. Specifically, you are breaking the elasticity of your hair by overworking them. These parts are more prone to hair breakage and hair fall in comparison to the other parts.

As a result, washing only some parts of your remy hair extensions seems not to be a great idea. To keep your extensions in the best possible condition, it’s better for you to wash your whole hair extensions.

If you have any difficulty in washing your remy hair extensions correctly, or you want to dig deeper into various types of hair extensions so that you can find out the most suitable one for your own, do not hesitate to let us know. APO together with youthful and experienced staff always works hard to serve our customers all over the world. Being your close friend as well as your trustful partner is our pleasure.


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