Vietnam Hair Extensions
Vietnam Hair Extensions

Do you have the outside hair appearance with bad quality because of using too much chemical but you still want to appear in front of other people with a beautiful, long and strong hair? Don’t worry and come with us to try the Vietnam hair machine weft, one of the best products to help you solve your problem with an easy but a perfect way without damaging your hair more by chemical, which will make you more confident with a different hair look.

Our Vietnam hair machine weft products are made in Vietnam from human hair. It is carefully chosen and processed with a standard system. This Vietnam hair machine weft is straight Remy hair so if you own it, you can change your style easily. You can perm to make light wavy hair, which is one of popular hair styles made by young people or you just let it be straight as it is to have a beautiful natural hair style. It’s up to you and your styles as well. The product is double dawn hair so its quality is good enough.

The straight Vietnam hair machine weft is virgin, silk and shining; and they have all best features of good hair quality. The clients can use it without worrying that there will be considerable difference between your real hair and our Vietnam hair machine weft. If you dye the weft same color as your hair color, they will look like twins. Also, the Vietnam hair product is soft and thin,  so it is easilyapplied with your real hair to make it thicker. If you have a very thin hair, using double or even three hair wefts can meet your demand. And one of unique features of the Vietnam Remy hair clips is neither shedding nor tangle. The hair color is natural black (1B), and it will be easy to dye your hair with your favorite colors suiting with your current hair style if you like to change. Or you can make no change with that black color, it’s up to you.

Vietnam Hair Extensions

If you are concerned about the sanitation of the Vietnam hair wefts,don’t worry because we ensure that although they are natural, the Vietnam hair producthas no nits, no lice or any other insects. With our company additional manufacturing process, the hair extension is full of healthy appearance and in good condition. We are very careful to control the quality system in order for providing clients with the best products.

The Vietnam hair product is weighted depending on customer’s requirement; and the length of hair extension is 20 inches. It is remarkable that our product has high quality but whole sale price so why don’t you come with us and try the best quality product and customer services?

The shipping is served by UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX and CARGO within 3-5 days after payments; and payment is through Western Union, Money Gram, Ria, Unisteam, Bank, Paypal.



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