Trendy female hair styles for 2018

Girl Always Vietnamese Hair
Girl Always Vietnamese Hair

Below are some hair styles which create the trend for this year

  1. Wavy hair

For girls who always want to change themselves with the style of being cute and lovely, wavy hair will be the best choice.

When it comes to getting a casual look with long wavy hair, this should be the ideal choice for everyone. Just leave your center-pated layers free and give texture to their ends for a wispy flair.

That wavy hair can make their face brighter and elegant. With the style, girls can combine with different kinds of bang.

  1. Straight hair

Straight shoulder length hair is loved by almost people through the time. This style is popular in Vietnam because Vietnamese girls have fair strong hair. Vietnamese hair is considered one of the best materials to make beautiful hair extension products. That’s the reason why Vietnamese women always appear with a basic but charming straight hair attracting every single look with that Vietnamese hairstyle. If you are a tender and graceful girl, you can choose straight hair to accompany with you. Moreover, if you are a fan of straight hair, all the thing you do is keep your hair always in a good condition. That helps you feel confident and fresh in front of other people. Having straight hair also attracts other people especially men who love the simple and pure beauty

Girl Always Vietnamese Hair
Girl Always Vietnamese Hair
  1. Curly hair

A girl with her own unique characters, curly hair is suitable. Having curly hair, girls should carefully take care of it in terms of keeping it

While a short bob for rounded facial hairstyle makes your face as delicate as a luxurious lady, long bob hair will also be a wise choice. That hair style will make you look better and healthier. It has also been popular in the past two years because hot summer days are shorter and a long bob will make you comfortable.

Curly hair can be relentless when it comes to being shaped into new styles, which is certainly a benefit in less than perfect climate. Come rain, wind, or snow, your curls will stay curled.

  1. Natural long hair with a fringe or straight-cut bang

Long hair is never out of fashion because girls can do a lot of different styles with that hair such as: braid, wavy or curly. However, if you are a natureholic and don’t want your hair to be deep in chemicals, actually natural long hair will be the most suitable one for you.

This is quite popular Vietnamese hair styles for young girls

Traditional Vietnamese hair style

Also, combining with a fringe or straight-cut bang also makes your face look younger and cuter. The girl who has beautiful hairstyles for this girl always becomes arrogant but still cute and lovely.

  1. Low bun

Recently, low bun has becomes the outbreak among other different hair styles. The Vietnamese hair style seems to be chosen more by women. That style will make your face slimmer and more mature with a femine beauty. Moreover, the strong point of the hairstyle is to help you look like elegent as a lady  but still honored the beauty of Vietnamese women full of confidence and ability. Applying that style, the most suitable colthes girls should wear are dress or other formal clothes.  Not only is the hairstyle extremely simple and easy to make but also gives customers the luxury and elegance beauty.




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