Transforming synthetic hair extensions from straight to curly? Why not?

01 Synthetic Hair Extensions

One day, you wake up in the morning and see the collection of your old straight synthetic hair extensions or wigs. It will be a waste to throw away those extensions. Yet, you find it boring to wear them again. You don’t know what to do now? Don’t mess up. We bring you the best tips to transform your synthetic hair extensions’ texture to synthetic curly hair extensions easily. Let figure it out here.

Which method should we use to change texture of synthetic hair extensions?

If you use synthetic hair extensions frequently, you will know clearly that synthetic hair does not allow high temperature. The plastic fibers will melt right away when exposing with high heat. That’s why people rarely think of making synthetic curly hair extensions using heat. An alternative way is using hot water to make the curls. This method is more popular among wig users as it make no harm to the hair strands and really easy to do.

02 Synthetic Hair Extensions

Although curling synthetic hair extension without heat is more preferable. In this article, we bring you with both heat and non-heat methods. You can choose the right one to apply on your synthetic hair extension or wig depending on its nature.

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How to curl synthetic hair extensions with curling iron?

There are some types of synthetic hair extension that allow heat. Check out the product label to see if it allow heat and how much heat can be applied. You can test on a small portion of hair to see if it can handle heat.

After that, divide your hair into small or large sections, depending on the size of curl you want to make. Then, spraying water on each portion of your hair. Make sure the synthetic hair extensions are completely wet, but not dripping water. This way will prevent the synthetic hair from melting and hold the curls tighter.  

03 Synthetic Hair Extensions

Then, turn on the curling iron at the lowest heat level and start curling the hair. Wrap the curling iron around each of your wet hair section and curl it. Keep the curling iron stay in a place until you feel it warm. If you want your curls tighter, you can use some pins to hold the curls until it cools. Do the same with the remaining sections. All done! You have a new synthetic hair now.

How to make synthetic curly hair extensions without heat?

This method is also simple to do and it doesn’t affect your synthetic hair extensions.

Firstly, moisturize your synthetic hair with some moisture cream or olive oil. Use your figures to make the cream run through your hair completely. The cream or olive oil will help to hold the curls.

After that, decide the size of your curls to choose the suitable rollers. Then, divide your hair into sections and roll each section onto a roller. Remember to secure the end of each section tightly. You should use several sizes of rollers to make different sizes of curls. For example, the curls near your face should be smaller and tighter, so you use smaller roller. And use bigger rollers for the parts near your neck and back of head to make your curly hair look natural.

04 Synthetic Hair Extensions

Once you finish rolling your synthetic hair extensions, dip each section into hot water for about 15 to 20 seconds. Then, take all of the sections to dip them in the water at one time. After that, air-dry the hair and remove the rollers when the synthetic hair is completely dries. You can use your fingers to gently comb the hairs if you don’t want the curls too tight.

How to care for synthetic curly hair extensions?

You can use fabric softener on synthetic hair extensions to add moisture to the hair. The idea may sound strange but fabric softener works greatly with synthetic hair. Using fabric softener on synthetic hair extensions will help to reduce the fizz and static cling.

05 Synthetic Hair Extensions

To use fabric softener on synthetic hair extensions, you need to mix fabric softener with cool water at the ratio of 1:1 into a spray bottle. Shake it up and spray the mixture into your synthetic curly hair extensions. Let it air-dry and you can see your dry curly hair extensions revive now.

If you don’t want to transform your old extensions, you can always buy a new curly hair extensions. At Apo’s store, we have many types of high quality curly extensions form human hair and remy hair. Let visit our site and choose one. You will totally satisfied with the quality of our hair extensions.

With our tips you can see making synthetic curly hair extensions from the straight one is totally doable now. We hope that you can restyle your old extensions to have diverse styles. Please keep following us for more useful info.


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