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Temperature is coming down, which is the signal of a new season. Autumn and winter are coming. It is time for you say goodbye to the burning sunshine, the sandy beach and welcome the cold weather.

Also, it is time for you give yourself a change – hairstyle change. As a woman, you are deserved to be amazing with beautiful hairstyles in this season. Moreover, you can be more and more glamorous when using hair extensions to support your hairstyles.

Understanding your demand for the gorgeous hairstyle in this autumn, we are going to introduce top trendy hairstyles for autumn – winter seasons.

The 70s Swoop 


You can look gorgeous with the 70s swoop. This is proved by Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk’s appearance. The secret to having this style is all about layers—from the long bangs to the flippy ends.

Curly Bob 

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Bob is never out of fashion, especially in autumn season. We can learn a beautiful autumn – winter hairstyle through model Jourdan Dunn’s look. Combining curly hair and center-part, Dunn attracted people’s attention in New York Fashion Week.

Baby Bangs

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You do not need to worry if your bang is too short. Look at Emma Watson, she is amazing with this baby bangs. This may be a very impressive hairstyle in this season.

The Subtle Side Bang 

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In this autumn – winter, you can keep your long or medium hair and make it fabulous to enhance your look. This subtle side-bang can work best thanks to long face-framing layers.

Curtain Bangs

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You absolutely refresh your long hair with this hairstyle. With curtain bangs hairstyle, you can look glamorous by combining messy bangs with a high ponytail. You can use hair extensions for help to add to your hair more volume.

Flipped Up

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Your short hair can boost your look in this autumn – winter with the flipped up hairstyle. With this style, Vanessa Hudgens also was stunning in the premiere of her movie Dog Days. To apply this style, you can do with a round brush and hairdryer.

Banana Buns

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With the banana bun hairstyle, you can gain the elegance. All things you have to do to have this style is twisting and pinning up your hair. Moreover, this style also is suitable for formal events and parties. You are both elegant and modern with this. If you want your hair to look more fabulous, hair extensions can help you.

Angular Bobs

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The angular bob can be your company in this autumn – winter. This bob has a new look with longer, face-framing layers. Combining with the center part and curtain bangs, you will look stunning amongst many people.

Above are 8 hairstyles we recommend for you to apply in this autumn – winter. No matter which season you are, you have to make yourself look stunning with pretty hairstyles.

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With 100% high-quality natural human hair extensions, you can rest your mind and let Apohair complete your hair look.



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