Rose Gold
Rose Gold

Owning a pale-fair skin may be beautiful, but it is not always that easy. You need to remember most of times to give our skin a proper protection.  Be careful with the sun, and more important, find a right color as well as shade to be in harmony with your fair tone.

When it comes to picking the right hair color for your skin tone, there are numerousfactors that you have to keep in mind. Luckily, there is a wide range of hair colors for your pale skin to choose. All you need is getting your most favorite suitable shades. No need tostress out. Check out this top list below, you may find your one just right below.

#1, Blonde

Right Hair

Ashy, silver, white, or platinum blonde hair colors are all great complements for pale skin. These shades contain red undertones that suitable for pale-fair skin. When it comes to choosing hair color, remember that opposites will attract. Light cool blondehair neutralizes pink skin so that is an ideal color for fair skin and the blue eyes. If you own a white blonde from a child, then that color suits your pale skin the best.

#2, Warm Red

Most of pale-fair girls may know that rust, amber and strawberry are some of the best hair shades for their light skin. For instant, we have celebs such as Jessica Chastain or Emma Stone who know well that their cool tones will be great complemented by a red-like warm copper shade. To achieve this creamy color shade, you may want to mix warm and cool tones in your dye

#3, Espresso or darker shade

Darker Shade

Wanting to try other hair colors for your light skin than the blonde family? How about taking a newhair lookfrom other colors in the end of the spectrum asan espresso shade or true black? These colors look may be intense for your cool-toned skin but they are ideal for who own an olive-toned or warmer skin. These contrasts will make your skin beautifully appealing.

#4, Ashy Brown

For pale-fair skin with hazel or blue eyes, you can try an ashy brown shade color. This ash shade carries the same properties as the ash blonde or platinum and it’s a perfect match to your cool skin tones.

#5, Cool Brown

Cool Brown

You may want something brand new in the chocolate family as mocha. On off the chance that you’re about to go with a richer brown. If your skin is in warm tone, then the rich brown with cooler tones will boost your yellow skin to a more beautiful and creamy look. Especially, it will be more stunning if your eyes are blue. Cool brown shade is mostly look good on everyone.

#6, Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the exceptionally hot colors shades all times and it is a true best match for the pale skin. This color is in the red family even though it’s unique in its own flexibility for skin tone. Peach, desert rose or coral, this spectrum is gorgeous for light-tone girls. You can select from all of them to balance out your pale skin tone.

Rose Gold

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