Top 3 do-it-yourself hairstyle for 12 inch weave

01 12 Inch Weave

For short hair lovers, 12 inch weave hairstyles totally satisfy them. With shoulder-length, you needn’t to pay much attention in haircare. However, it may limit your hairstyle and in some formal case, it is judged as inelegance. If you are struggling in finding your suitable hairdo, you need to read this article to solve it out.

Homemade hairstyles for 12 inch weave

The simple side braid

02 12 Inch Weave

Chic and gentle are the best words to describe this hairstyle. It is not only easy to do, but also suitable to both informal and formal events such as wedding, prom, picnic, etc. How to do it? You will need comb, elastic bands and bobby pins. At first, gently detangle your hair and horizontally separate your hair into 2 parts with ratio 7:3 or 8:2 depending on your favor. Then, divide the bigger side vertically in the front. Use elastic bands to tie the rest and start braiding the frontal part. Don’t forget to pull the braid out to make bigger volume and finish with an elastic band. After that, let your hair down, hide the tail of braid by using bobby pin to fix it under your hair side. A tip for you, some waves will boost your hairstyle to upper level for sure.

The bouffant scarf hairdo

03 12 Inch Weave

Bouffant is related to big hair volume on the head. For long hair, we have a vast of hair transformation with bouffant. However, the combination of bouffant and scarf will turn your 12 inch weave hair into marvelous hairdo. Let’s start now. After detangling your hair, spray dry shampoo to clean your hair and make volume. Comb your bang and let it down to your forehead. Take hair from the middle of your head and backcomb it to your scalp to make a bouffant. Then, slightly brush this part and pins it up to your hair top. Use bobby pin to fix the rest of your hair in the same place. Finally, finish hairdo with a scarf. Fold the scarf into a triangle, wrap it around the back of your head to hide bobby pin, make double top-knot in front of the bouffant. We’ve done! This hairstyle will bring you retro feelings but it is still fashionable.

Simple cat ear knots

04 12 Inch Weave

Unlike 2 hairstyles above, simple cat ear knots are for energetic and edgy girls. You may find it childlike but you can do this hairstyle in daily life and party as well. First, let see how to do it at home. All you needs are comb, hot styling tools, elastic bands and bobby pins. Make some wave to have fluffy hair. Part your hair vertically in the back and separate the upper into 2 parts, twist hair and form into 2 buns then tie them up with elastic bands. Use bobby pins to secure them better. If you want a floppy look to take part in a prom, I will show you a tiny tip for this hairdo. You can make 2 corncows and end up with 2 buns. These braids will soften your look and make your appearance more elegant.

To see more hairstyle with 12 inch weave as well as some crucial information about 12 inch hair extensions, check our leatest post HERE!!!

Apohair 12 inch weave

Apohair is the leading company in hair industry in Vietnam. We have 20 year experience and a factory with 500 workers. After legal foundation and development in 2013, Apohair keep processing and innovating to catch up with hair market all over the world.

Quality and price

Apohair always puts quality at the very first prior criteria to judge our success. With a professional factory, we select high quality only and remove unqualified hair to go on process.  Thanks to that, we have approached more than 100 countries, even fastidious markets such as Mexico, Russia. Besides, we are available to design our own hair extension including 12 inch weave.

About price, reducing fees from middle-man, you absolutely find our price favorable in comparison with quality. Apohair assures to supply 100% Remy Human Hair with factory price. We also have discount for big clients and some customer gratitude plan annually.

Standard, color and textures

04 22 Inch Hair Extension

We have 4 standards for 12 inch weave that are:

  • A is single drawn type 1
  • A+ is single drawn type 2
  • A++ is double drawn type 1
  • A+++ is double drawn type 2

The more plus it is, the fuller hair is. On the one hand, the prices of them increase comparatively. Unlike Chinese hair vendors, Apohair classifies hair basing on its thickness and all products last 1-2 years.

Our palette includes more than 30 colors with different shades completely meet end needs of clients worldwide. From classic to modern, you are freely able to choose any color to mix and match. Trendy color ideas such as ombre and mix piano are also applied to 12 inch weave.

Textures: Straight, wavy and curly. Not only these basic patterns, they have been developed them into 30 textures.

When coming to Apo hair, your 12 inch weave will:

  • 100% Remy Human Hair, no synthetic fibers
  • No shedding, No tangle, No nit or lice
  • Totally blend to your natural hair
  • Last 1-2 years with proper care
  • Style with hot styling tool

12 inch weave is not too short to transform yourself. There are many other hairstyles we can do at home with this length. What is your favorite one? Please comment below your hair idea to let us know. In case you are looking for a hair vendor, Apohair is happy to be yours. No worry anything and contact our staff or shop immediately at


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