What is in your mind first when you think about winter? It may be the cold weather, right? Yes; however, going with the cold weather can be the dry air which leads to static in your hair. It can be said that static electricity in your hair is incredibly annoying because it make your hair to be a mess.

It is even worse if your wear hair extensions. Not receiving sebum from the scalp, they are easy to be victims of static electricity. As a result, it is very important to prevent static electricity. In this post, we are going to share with you some static-busting strategies to keep your hair from static electricity.


Hair conditioner

To avoid static electricity, you have to know a big rule that more moisture equals less static. Therefore, moisturizing your hair well is a way to remove static. To do that, hair conditioner is your solution. If you do not have the habit of using hair conditioner, it is time to begin.

It is suggested that you apply conditioning products mainly on the ends of the hair. Otherwise, your hair is easy to be greasy when you apply conditioner on the scalp.

Dry sheets

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This is an amazing thing to help you defeat static electricity in winter. Being made to zap static, dry sheets are very effectively when you use them smartly. To use dry sheets, you gently run them over your strands or your brushes.

This is good at killing electric charges that have built up. Moreover, you also can avoid static electricity by rubbing a dryer sheet along your pillow before going to sleep.


Hairspray – a common product to keep your hair in shape. Not only does hairspray help reduce static charge but also keep your hair from floating in the sky. In winter, to avoid static, you should spray a little on your brushes before you use them.

In addition, it is very important to use the right amount of hairspray. Because most hairsprays are full of alcohol, which can dry your hair out, use it smartly to take care of your hair well.

Hair oil

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Another way to moisturize your hair to avoid static electricity is applying hair oil. It is said that static control is at the top of the list of hair oil’s benefits. To get the best result, you use it on your ends before you blow-dry to keep them moisturized.


Many people tend to shampoo hair everyday to keep it clean. However, it is not a good idea in winter as it actually dries your hair, which promotes static. Therefore, it is necessary to skip a day or two. You also can choose a moisturizing formula to add that all-important moisture.

Above are 5 effective tips for you to get rid of static electricity in your hair. No matter who you are, which season it is, keeping your beautiful look is always important. In this winter, keeping your hair away from static electricity to care for it and making it blend with hair extensions well.

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