Tips for Fabulous Short Hair in the autumn


When the seasons change, it is important to look after both your health and your hair, especially short hair because it is easier to be dry and get tangled. The truth is when the air gets cooler your skin as well as your hair will become drier, so if you have already paid attention to your skin, you short hair also need the same effort. People with short hair, medium length hair or chin length hair even need to care more about their hair’s health because those kinds of short hair need different treatments from the way we usually know about how to take care of our long hair. The good news for you is you just have to change a little in the usual way you care about your short hair in the autumn, it just take you a few extra steps.


  1. Get a deep conditioning scalp and hair treatment

Even when the fall come, the heat from the sun still can do damage to your short hair. The best protection of this is start using deep conditionings for scalp and hair treatment. This simple method can restore the health to your short hair – which is already vulnerable in the fall. Supplying moisture to your hair will prevent it from becoming dried and can help you stay away from hair loss in the autumn. This treatment is of more importance when you have the hobby like swimming.

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  1. Give your short hair a break

Remember to let your hair relax after long time of being damaged from the heat of styling tools or the chemical substances from your dye colors. You must use to spend a great deal of time on hair salon to let your hairdresser style your hair by heat-styling tools. If your do these on a regular basis, your short hair is absolutely need this. If you do not follow this, over time the problem with your short hair will not be easy to deal with. This simple-to-do advice is not only help you to save your time spending on styling your short hair, but it also gives your hair a chance to refresh and restore its balance in the fall.

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  1. Improve your diet

It is also of importance to pay more attention to your daily meals. In the fall, you need to supply moisture to your short hair from both the outside and the inside. Eating more vegetable and sources that contain protein will help you short hair become stronger.

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While you need time to improve your hair issues, you still can whatever hairstyles you wish by wearing hair extensions. It is also a wise choice not to do harm to your short hair. Our Apohair Extension Brand with 25 years of experience in hair industry are proud to bring to you high-quality Remy hair extensions. Our Vietnamese hair extensions can help for people to get the best effects from applying those shiny, gorgeous and beautiful hair extensions for enhancing and transforming their hair look like curly hair, straight hair or even more.




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