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This is all you need to know about the width of human hair

05 Width Hair
05 Width Hair

These days, there are still sometimes we are together and realize that even many of us cannot comprehend why we have so much hair on our bodies. The role of the hair is more and more concerned as it not only helps keep warm but also acts as a symbol of beauty for both men and women. In terms of contributing to the appearance, please do not ignore the importance of the width of human hair. What is it and why is it meaningful? All are going to be revealed right here.

01 Width Hair
01 Width Hair

What is the thickness – the width of human hair?

In general, the thickness or the width of human hair refers to the diameter of a strand of hair. In other words, it is also called the hair’s breadth. Apostore believes that some of you may confuse this with the concept of density. Most people misunderstand that the width of human hair expresses the volume and hair density. This is absolutely false.

02 Width Hair
02 Width Hair

In another concept and definition, the density of our hair is the number of hair you own in a square inch of your head. Also, it can be understood by the number of strands covering your head. The easiest way to determine the density of is to look at your hair roots with the scalp. Actually, you count or determine the exact number of hair strands on your scalp. However, you can certainly get a sense of how sense your hair is by how much skin is seen.

If you possess a larger diameter, your hair is considered to be thick. In contrast, if you have a thinner diameter, your hair is considered to be fine.

Here’s what you might not know and need to know

  • Your hair is mainly made keratin which is a form of protein.
  • It consist of 10 to 15% of water.
  • The remaining is mostly minerals, pigments and lipids
  • With your hair strand, you get the cuticle layer which is the outer structure of your hair. Also, you have the inside cortex made of 80% of hair mass.

What is the width of human hair?

03 Width Hair
03 Width Hair

The necessary thing you need to know is the diameter of the human hair which mainly expresses the thickness varies.

Often, we all have different width of human hair at different times or weather conditions or also on different parts of our head.

In addition, your genetic composition leads to a major difference in the width of the hair among different people. According to the research implemented by Brian Ley in 1999, the thickness of the hair varies from 17 to 181 millionths of a meter. In Europe, if you get that ranges from 0.04-0.06mm, the hair is thin. When that number rises to 0.06-0.08mm, the hair is average and when the hair is between 0.08-1mm, the hair is very thick.

What causes the difference in the width of human hair?

There are many different factors that cause the difference in the width of human hair. The major ones include:

Genetic composition

04 Width Hair
04 Width Hair

We are all born with our own genetic composition. Genetic is an extremely important factor as it affects all the things about and around us. The way your hair is structured on your head will determine how thick or thin and also the color it has among other aspects of the hair. However, it does not mean that you cannot change the structure of your hair. In fact, you can do that with proper care.

The color

It might be quite hard to believe but in fact, hair color is also one of the most basic factors that affect the width of human hair. Have you ever heard that generally, those with dark hair often have thicker strands than those with lighter colored hair?

If you still have some doubt, just take a look at the women with dark hair and lighter hair. If you pay more attention, you will definitely notice that women with dark hair have denser hair which expresses that they most likely have thick strands.

Environmental conditions

We cannot forget to talk about the environmental condition as it has massive effects on the hair, especially the width of human hair. If the weather is humid, the hair gets thicker than when it is cold. In these circumstances, it often leads to frizz and the hair cuticles opening in search of moisture.

We really hopes that this article can provide you useful information about the width of human hair. In our blog’s collection, we also have many different topics related to hair and beauty. Click HERE if you are looking for more news, tips and articles related to hair extensions and hair care. Our sale staff at Apostore will always ready to support you.



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