The most common wig accessories for wearers

01 Wig Accessory

If you are a fan of wigs, you will know that wigs often require a set of accessories to support users whiling wearing. In today’s update, we will name the most popular wig accessory that a wearer should own to secure a natural look.

Wig comb

02 Wig Accessory

A wide-tooth comb is a must-have item for wig users to detangle and style the hair strands without stretching the wig. It’s better to put it in your bag and bring it along with you. You don’t have to comb your wig too often, but in case it gets tangled or matted when you are outside, you will need it to take back the perfect look.

Wig clips

03 Wig Accessory

Wig clips are the common items that help secure the wig in your head. Normally, wigs often come with some clips attached inside. But if the producers do not include wig clips, you can easily buy some at a local store and sew them inside your wig. It depends on your need to decide how many clips you should use. However, you should sew at least 4 clips at each side of the wig, 2 in the front and back, and 2 near each ear position.

Wig cap

04 Wig Accessory

A wig cap is especially useful for people with total hair loss. It protects your scalp from skin irritation of the wig. Moreover, if you apply the wig directly to your head, it may slip throughout the day. Yet, with a wig cap, you can forget those embarrassing moments. A wig cap creates a layer of friction against the wig, thereby gripping and holding the wig in place.

For those with partial or no hair loss, a wig cap is an awesome item to keep the bio hair underneath the wig and smooth out unwanted bumps. In this way, users can have a natural look and confidently walk out with their wigs.

Wig shampoo and conditioner

05 Wig Accessory

Not only does washing your wig make it clean, but it also brings back a vital look to your wig. However, wigs, regardless of synthetic or human hair, barely absorb the normal shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products for natural hair. Therefore, you should use specialized products for wigs to get the best effect.

Wig stand

06 Wig Accessory

After owning a wig, the next thing you need to pay attention to is how to take care of it to maintain a brilliant look, and storing it properly is one of the factors that matter. When you uninstall your wig from your head, you should place it on your wig stand to prevent the hair strands from tangling. In addition, if you want to make some styling to your hair like cutting or making curly locks, putting your wig into the wig stand will be a smart choice. The hair strands can fall naturally on the stand, which brings in an accurate result after your styling process. It’s also a good place to hang your wig and let it air dry after you wash it.

Wig tape or glue


07 Wig Accessory

One of the most common methods to apply a lace frontal wig is using glue or tape to attach the lace to the scalp. This method helps the wig to firmly adhere to your head. There are so many types of glue and tapes available in the market, so let take a look at “Top 5 best lace front wig glue for sensitive skin” to choose a suitable one for your wig and skin.

Wig grip

08 Wig Accessory

Wig grip serves as a supportive accessory wig to keep the wig in place beside the wig cap. A wig grip band helps to grip your hair, skin or wig cap from one side, and your wig from the other side. The band also prevents headaches from the pressure of the wig since it redistributes the weight of the wig evenly on your head. Especially, wig grip ideally enables you to put on and remove the wig on a daily basis instead of using glue or tape method. 

Wig color ring

Each wig producer has their own wig color chart; therefore, they always launch a wig color ring to come along with their wig collection. This ring will help buyers to select the right color shade for the item they want to add to their cart. Below is the wig color ring from APOHAIR.

09 Wig Accessory

APOHAIR offers a wide range of premium wigs at different sizes, lengths, and colors to meet the diverse demand of customers. Let check it out and select your favorite product.

Above are some pieces of info about wig accessory that you may need to obtain the lovely natural look and always feel comfortable with your wig. If you have any other ideas, let leave a comment below. Thank you for reading.


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