The gorgeous moments of the Hollywood celebrity: Jennifer Lawrence no makeup

09 Jennifer No Makeup

Born on August 15, 1990, in Kentucky, Jennifer Lawrence started her career quite early, since she was 14 years old. Until now, the American actress has participated in and gained glorious success with her roles in many famous movies and television series, making her stay in the top highest-paid actress of the world in 2015 and 2016.

Being one of the most popular faces in Hollywood at the time being, Jennifer Lawrence does not only possess excellent acting skills, but also the wonderful natural beauty. We often see her in glamour outfit and layers of makeup at events or while appearing on TV. However, it is the natural Jennifer Lawrence in daily life with no makeup that amazes people. And below are some great moments of Jennifer Lawrence no makeup.

On the phone

01 Jennifer No Makeup

The photo snapped the moment that Jennifer was on a phone call while going out. She was dressed in white T-shirt and a black jacket outside with the long black pants. Her hair was tied loose behind, showing her beautiful bare face clearly. Everything looks really casual, but we can just say “Woah”. That’s how pretty Jennifer is in the daily life.

The beauty under the snow

02 Jennifer No Makeup

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted standing in front of apartment in New York in a winter day. She was wearing warm enough to go outside, but her face with no makeup and the flawless skin still impress people. The image of her walking under the snow really looks like a take from a movie. The vibe that Jennifer carries cannot be easily found in others.


At the airport

03 Jennifer No Makeup

Jennifer always chooses a simple yet elegant airport style, and we can see clearly in this photo.

This was taken while she was arriving at the airport with her dog. With just a basic white top and jeans, classy black bag and lightly curled hair, Jennifer has blown out people around her with her beauty. This maybe one of the best picture of Jennifer Lawrence without makeup. That’s why people love her not only in the screen but also in the daily life.

The stylish and smart-looking women

04 Jennifer No Makeup

It is normally said that the star of “Winter’s Bone” has an impressive fashion style that gives people the thought of a smart-looking women once seeing her. This picture is a proof of that saying. Jennifer Lawrence’s natural charm is of no wonder.

A close look of her face

05 Jennifer No Makeup

Even without any layer of make, Jennifer shines brightly with her gorgeous face. Take a close look of her bare face like in this picture, we can see every part in facial contour is the symbol of beauty for many people. It’s really refreshing to see Jennifer’s face without any stitch of cosmetic products.

The graceful women

06 Jennifer No Makeup

Jennifer Lawrence has a beautiful blonde hair. In this picture, her hair was bun up, showing the charm of her makeup-free face, especially her beautiful windows to the soul. Jennifer Lawrence eyes are to die for. She totally looks great without any mascara, lipstick or layer of cream. Jennifer is as wonderful as she always is.


At the balcony of the hotel

07 Jennifer No Makeup

Jennifer was spotted to appear at a hotel’s balcony while having a phone call in the morning. A bright smile on her face accentuate her allure. She doesn’t need to do anything to look beautiful because her natural face is more than enough. Being a popular celeb, Jennifer knows clearly she will be photographed any moment, but she seems not to care about that. Jennifer often appears with her bare face and casual clothes if she is not in her shooting time.

Heading home after gym sessions

08 Jennifer No Makeup

Apart from the images of a Hollywood’s super star, Jennifer Lawrence enjoys her life as other normal girl. She looks quite simple in her daily life.

The photo was taken when she was heading home after her gym sessions. She was dressed in a basic jeans and a black top. The casual clothes even enhanced her natural face and humility.

Above are some great photos of Jennifer Lawrence no makeup. Please keep following us for more updates.


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