The flawless beauty of an action star: Kate Beckinsale without makeup

01 Kate Beckinsale No Makeup

Being active in the film industry since 1991, but only when Kate Beckinsale took over her lead role in the “Underworld” series that she started to gain huge attention from film lovers, especially the fans of the action genre. People don’t just love her because of her impressive action roles but also the natural beauty she pulls off in her daily life. Below are some stunning moments of Kate Beckinsale no makeup that will make you head over heels fall for the actress.

Heading to the gym session

02 Kate Beckinsale No Makeup

Kate Beckinsale has been the heroine of many action films which require her to have a strong figure to fulfill all the scenes. That’s the reason why she is always strict with her diet and exercise to maintain the incredible shape. She was seen on her way to a gym in LA in form-fitting sportswear that toned up her body. The actress was wearing no makeup to prepare for her sweating session, but she still looked great with her glowing complexion. Kate Beckinsale completed her look with a lovely bouffant high bun and a pair of sunglasses.

Going makeup-free at the airport

03 Kate Beckinsale No Makeup

Kate Beckinsale rocked her look with a classy outfit for her flight. She dressed in a white top, furry jacket, and tight black pants. The star of “Love & Friendship” let her wavy brown hair fall down her shoulder freely, making her look more graceful. She flashed a brilliant smile on her bare face while walking her way at the airport. Kate Beckinsale really knows how to be perfect anytime.

Selfie in the morning 

04 Kate Beckinsale No Makeup

Kate Beckinsale posted this selfie of her with no stitch of makeup in her bathroom last year. And the actress stunned people by her ageless beauty in the photo. At the age of 45, her face and youthful skin showed no hint of aging. Fans even stated that she looked only 25. Of course, Kate Beckinsale does have a good skincare routine, but her healthy lifestyle is also an important factor that helps maintain her look.

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Stunning street style

05 Kate Beckinsale No Makeup

The great actress of “Whiteout” has never disappointed her fans with her gorgeous street style. Each time we see her on the street, we need to skip a minute to admire her fashion and beauty.

This time Kate Beckinsale appeared with a white mesh croptop and navy leggings that total fits her body. The perfect figure of a woman with a child can make any woman feel jealous. Although she let her face free from makeup, she can still shine her charm and capture the heart of anyone seeing.

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Going shopping with a bare face

06 Kate Beckinsale No Makeup

If there is a person who can be breathtakingly beautiful while doing daily stuff like shopping, that must be Kate Beckinsale. The talent actress turned the crosswalk into her catwalk as she made her steps to cross the road. Kate Beckinsale looked classy and stylish in a white tanktop, black pants, and sunglasses. Her face showed no trace of cosmetic products, but her natural beauty is more than enough to draw the people’s attention.

No makeup, no matter. That’s what the action star Kate Beckinsale has proved us with the outstanding Kate Beckinsale no makeup moments. You can rock your look even without the appearance of foundation, eyes shadow or lipsticks if you take good care of yourself. Have the gut to do? If so, let visit APOHAIR’s online store for a brilliant wig and premium hair bundles to highlight your look.

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