The easiest wig making guidance for newcomers

01 Wig Making

In recent years, people do not only wear wigs to hide their hair and scalp state, but they also seek to aesthetic and fashion effect. There are numerous wigs sold in the market that users can buy and apply within several minutes. However, today many wig users enjoy making a wig on their own so that they can have a wig exactly like what they want. If you are new to wig and wig making, let check our blog post for how to make a wig with a lace frontal or a lace closure.

The reason why we choose a lace closure or lace frontal is that you will not have to prepare the foundation, thereby easing the process. So, now let’s get started.

Things you need for wig making

Wig making kit

A wig making kit often includes: Mannequin head, U-curved needle or straight needle, thread, scissors, white pencil, pins and hair clips, wig cap, hair combs and elastic bands. If you don’t have a kit, you can buy each item separately.

02 Wig Making

Lace closure/lace frontal and wefts

You need to prepare a lace closure or lace frontal and 3 weft bundles. Each weft bundle should weight 90gram. If you want your wig to have layered hair, you should use the weft bundle with the same length. Yet, if you want the strands to look equal, choose 3 weft bundles in different lengths.

The premium sets from GALAXY COLLECTION prepare you with the needed bundles. You don’t need to select each weft bundle and the length as there are already some length options for each bundle.

03 Wig Making

Wig making with a lace frontal or lace closure

Step 1: Using the white pencil to mark the position of your ears on the wig cap. Then, place it on your mannequin head. You need to determine which side is the front and back of your wig.

Step 2: Put the lace frontal or lace closure over the wig cap. Make sure the lace matches your hairline position. Next, use some pins to secure the lace frontal/closure onto the mannequin head and you can start sewing it along the edge of the cap. You should make tight knots at the beginning and the end of the stitching to keep the lace well attached to the cap.

Step 3: Sewing the weft bundles to your cap. You should start the first track at the bottom of the cap (the part near your nape). If your weft is long enough to make another round, fold it and continue sewing a new track. If it’s short, you need to cut it and then make a tight knot and carefully cut off the extra part. You should make sure that the tracks lie close to each other so that your wig will not look thin and unnatural. It will be better if you can estimate how many tracks you need to make before sewing.

04 Wig Making

If this is your first time sewing a wig, you can outline the tracks with the white pencil. Use some pins to keep the lace in place into the cap and it will be easier to sew.

Step 4:  Sew the last track to the lace closure/frontal and secure it a knot. Remember to cut off the excess weft track.

Step 5: Take your wig out of the mannequin head and trim the excess part of the wig cap. You can also cut the extra lace if you want. Just make sure you don’t cut too close to the stitch in order not to ruin your wig.

Step 6: Sew the elastic band and combs to your wig. You need to sew the band to the rim of your dome cap. Then, decide the number of combs to apply to your wig. Sew each side at least a comb and one at the back of your wig.

05 Wig Making

Step 7: Try to put your wig on your head to see if there is anything wrong, so you can make a suitable adjustment. It’s also better to know how to wear a wig, so you can save time whenever you use it.

And now, you can make dying and styling to it for a better look. Remember to treat your wig well, so it will last longer. Check out the basic caring tips and how to detangle a wig to grasp the info.

 Above is the basic tutorial of wig making with lace frontal/closure and weft bundles from GALAXY COLLECTION. We hope that you can create stunning wig yourself and be beautiful with it every day. Thank you for reading.


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