The brilliant tips to make your red lace front wig look natural

01 Red Lace Front Wig

Only 2% of the world population are granted with natural red hair. This is the reason why more and more people want to have their hair in this color. However, if you once dye your hair in a red shade, you will know that it’s really hard to maintain the color. That does not include how your hair will be affected after dying red. Therefore, beauty followers now love using red lace front wig instead of applying the chemical hair dye on their real hair. But how to make your lace front red wig look as natural as the real redhead? Let check the below tips to figure out.

Consider your face shape

It is important to choose a red wig suitable for your face shape so that people will not easily realize that you are wearing a wig. Moreover, using the right red wig for your face shape will play up your beauty and hide the facial blemishes that you don’t want to show. To determine your facial shape, you can stand in front of a mirror and pull your hair back to see clearly your hairline and chin. 

If you have a round or square face, you should choose a red wig that will help your face look longer and more balanced. Long and layered hairstyles that are off-center parting, or short hairstyles with wispy bangs, volume at the top and thinner close to the face are ideal for these face shapes.

02 Red Lace Front Wig

For a diamond-shaped face, a lace front red wig in medium length with bob style will add width to the narrow lower face and chin. Whereas, a layered red wig with bangs and fringes will be a smart choice for those having a heart-shaped face. Or if your face is oval, you can rock all the wig styles and length since your face is already well proportioned.

Measure your head for the right wig size

Choosing a correct wig size is another key factor to make your red hair wig look natural. With a wig bigger than your head, you will be worried that it may slip out of your head and can’t concentrate on anything. Yet, for a smaller wig, it will be too obvious that you are wearing a wig. Plus that the tightness will hurt your scalp and head.

03 Red Lace Front Wig

You should start measuring the circumference of your head from the front hairline, to behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, to your other ear, and then go back to the front hairline. Wig producers always set a range of sizes for customers; however, not everyone can fit those same fixed sizes. In this case, you can use wig grip to tighten your wig or buy hair bundles to make your own red wig that perfectly fits your head.

Take care of the locks

One of the most important things while using a red wig is caring for the hair strands. The better you treat the wig, the shinier and smoother the hair will be. A wig lacking maintenance with unhealthy locks will simply point out your hair is fake. Hence, it is essential to spend some time taking care of your lace front red wig. Wigs in general have some certain maintaining methods. You can easily find them online and apply at home.

04 Red Lace Front Wig

Start with a red lace front wig human hair

A red synthetic lace front wig will become dry just after a short time of using and it is also more complicated to maintain. Therefore, it’s better to invest in a red lace front wig human hair. A wig from human hair will surely look more natural with the soft hair strands.

05 Red Lace Front Wig

The marvelous wig collection from APOHAIR will be a great choice that ensures the quality of the hair. Furthermore, we have launched a premium GALAXY COLLECTION with various options of sets of bundles for wig making. Not only does APOHAIR’s bundles allow dying and texture changing to diverse the wig styles, but it also brings the most natural look thanks to the excellent hair strands. Let try and rock your style.

A red lace front wig will bring a vibrant look that helps you outstand anywhere you go. And to keep that perfect look, don’t forget to follow our tips above. Thank you for reading.


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