The best tips to make a body wave wig always wavy

01 Body Wave Wig

There are now more and more people fall in love with the sexy and carefree long big curls of body wave hairstyle. However, many of them cannot try the style since their bio hair is not in a good state for any further styling. Hence, using a body wave wig is a smart alternative to change your look while protecting your hair. But even if you are using a wig, you should always master how to maintain it properly so that the body waves will always be wavy. Let check the tips below and you will be stunning with a healthy and beautiful body wave wig.

How to take care of a body wave lace wig?

Washing is a key thing

The first thing to do is washing your body wave lace wig or properly. People normally think that washing will make the waves become straight or loosen the waves to some extend. Yet, in fact, you should wash the wig to give it back the vibrant look and healthy condition. It is also important to take the right washing method and at a suitable frequency, depending on how much you use the wig.

02 Body Wave Wig

For a wig, you should apply mild shampoo and conditioner specialized for it. After washing, don’t be hasty to use a heat blow dryer. You should pat dry it with a towel gently to remove the excess water, then put it on your wig stand and let it air dry.

Styling the luscious big curls

Before your wig is completely dry, apply some protection oil to the hair strands. Use your fingers to comb the hair gently and spreading the oil from the top to the end of the wig. After that, use your hand to style the big curls. At this point, you can use a blow dryer at the lowest level to dry and curl the locks or let it dry naturally.  Please note that your body wave lace wig will straighten if you dry it with the wind. Therefore, never put it out with wit the wind blow to make it dry faster.

05 Body Wave Wig

Setting a night maintenance routine for your body wave wig

You must be tired after a long day at work, but don’t be lazy. You only need to spend several minutes for a good hair night maintenance of your body wave wig, you will have a brilliant look the day after. Remember not to wear your wig straightly to bed or you will really get a mess on your head the next morning. Wearing your body wave lace wig while sleeping also an easy way to damage the hair strands. Make sure you remove the wig, apply caring oil or wash it (just once a week is enough) and place it on a wig stand or wig head.

03 Body Wave Wig

If you don’t want to re-apply the wig the next day, you can keep it on your head. Spray a little water to the hair and make two loose braids. You don’t need to braid the hair all the way down. Next, wrap your head and hair with a scarf or silk nightcap. You should also use a silk pillow to help your wig in a good wavy pattern and prevent damages.

Where to get a high-quality body wave wig?

Buying a high-quality human hair body wave wig from the start is a good way to obtain a natural look and have your wig last longer. It also eases the maintenance process. APOHAIR is now offering a range of ready-to-use body wave wigs with various lengths and colors to meet the diverse demands of customers. Let check it out and select the one you love. Besides, if you know how to make a wig, our premium set from GALAXY COLLECTION is just for you. With our body wave bundles, you can make marvelous wigs that perfectly match your desired look.

04 Body Wave Wig

Don’t ponder too much on the dos and don’ts. Just set your mind at ease and follow our basic tips on taking care of your body wave wig and you will be ready to go out with an excellent body wavy hairstyle anytime you want. Please keep following our blog for more tips and info. Thank you for reading.


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