The best moments of the Dark Horse – Katy Perry without makeup

01 Katy Perry No Makeup

Katy Perry, the American singer, songwriter and TV show judge, has attracted music fans all over the world with her powerful songs and special looks. The God-gifted voice has never failed to impress people with her unique style and fashion sense, from pink wigs, cotton candy makeup to the chandelier, and cupcake outfits. She’s always full-glam on events and stages, but whenever she can, she also pulls off her natural look with no layer makeup. Below are some best moments of Katy Perry no makeup that will make you love her more. Let scroll down and see.

The sleeping beauty

02 Katy Perry No Makeup

Katy Perry looked totally happy and relaxed when lying on the peach-colored hammock and enjoying her vacation. Being one of the world’s best-selling music artists with a long list of Billboard hits that earns 18 million album sales and 125 million single sales worldwide, Katy Perry has invested most of her time in her work. She has little time left for herself. That’s why the voice of “Part of me” always treasures every piece of her free time to get away from the hectic schedule and recharge.

In this photo, she was soaking up the sunlight and let her face free from makeup layers. With no foundation, eyeliner, and lipstick, Katy Perry can still draw people with her natural beauty and perfect skin.

Kangaroo pocketing Nugget

03 Katy Perry No Makeup

This photo was taken when the famous singer was wandering on the street together with her little teacup poodle, Nugget. The way she put her puppy into her hoodie pocket can make anyone laugh because of the cuteness overloaded.

Going out with her lovely Nugget, Katy Perry seemed to be in a really good mood. She didn’t even care about the paparazzi around. Her bare face flashed a happy smile that brightens up a day. We all love to see Katy like this, right?

Under the winter rain

04 Katy Perry No Makeup

Katy Perry went total grey with a beanie, warm coat, slim fit pants, and Converse sneakers on a rainy day in the winter. We are too familiar with her colorful looks on her MV and events that this causal look of Katy Perry can amaze most of us. Holding a big umbrella, Katy looked really cute and young with her bare face and a pair of black round glasses.

A photo with her cousin

05 Katy Perry No Makeup

Guess who is this lovely little girl in a pink sweater? Yes, it’s our Dark Horse, but in her time with her family. Katy Perry has never been worried about her look when she is off the stage, and especially with her close ones. Katy and her little cousin all looked adorable here. Her baby skin that is covered by no stitch of makeup can make any girl feel jealous of.

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Katy Perry no makeup on the beach

06 Katy Perry No Makeup

If there is anyone who cares about her appearance on the beach, that’s definitely not Katy Perry. The owner of numerous prestigious music awards is not obsessed with her look all the time. She loves swimming and in this picture, we can see Katy enjoying her swimming time. Although her face with no trace of makeup and her hair is damp with water, she still looked stunning under the bright sunlight.

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Show off her pregnant selfie

07 Katy Perry No Makeup

Earlier this year, Katy Perry posted a selfie of her during her pregnancy, which gained thousands of praising and supporting comments from her fans and followers. She was resting comfortably in a robe with her face sans makeup. Although the singer of “Wide Awake” made a funny comparison of her look before and during pregnancy, she seemed to be fully happy. The mom-to-be still looked charming with her natural blonde hair swept to one side.

Above are some Katy Perry no makeup moments in her daily life that helps us see another side of the superstar. If you also love her look, let us hear your voice in the comment section. And don’t forget to check out APHOHAIR’s GALAXY COLLECTION to get a hair bundle and rock your appearance now. Thank you for reading.


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