The 3 big APO hair 22 inch hair extension trends in 2019

01 22 Inch Hair Extension

2019 has just passed by and APO hair wants to sum up the 3 big 22 inch hair extension trends. These hair trends are not officially recognized as hot hairstyles by any research but they are chosen by our clients. Now, follow us to see if these hairstyles are suitable for you in 2020.

Hot hair trends for APO hair 22 inch hair extension in 2019

22 inch hair extension is shoulder blade length or mid-back length depending on your height. I can say this is an ideal hair for long hair loving people. With this size, you can transform it into a bun of hairstyles.

Bone straight with middle part hairstyle

Straight hair is considered not only as a very classic hairstyle but also as a bossy one. Therefore, it is biased by many modern women. Even hair trends change every period of each year, this hairstyle is always in, it is never out. What is the difference of 2019 straight hair to other years? It’s about hair length and middle part.

Thanks to its length, 22 inch hair extension become the best seller product of APO hair last year. Unlike bob straight hair which is an icon of youth, 22 inch hair extension will bring you a mature and powerful look described as bossy hairstyles. To make it different, bone straight hair was made by using iron flat to straighten it as much as possible. Hair spray was used a lot to keep hair in order.

Deep middle part is the highlight spot in 2019. Normally, middle part is about 4 inch from hair line in front to the nape. However, for this hairstyle, middle part was about 7 inch in length. This made a very clear border between 2 parts of your hair.

Modern top-knot

02 22 Inch Hair Extension

Top-knot or hair bun is not strange in hair trend. In 2019, top-knot was totally distinctive. While people try to make a neat hairstyle by using hair spray, bobby pins, it was not a big deal anymore. A messy top-knot which is usually applied to three-day old hair or home hairstyle became a hot trend in runway somehow.  To make it more special, many celebrity used 22 inch hair extensions which increases both hair volume and hair length to have a bigger messy hair bun.

It is an easy updo hair. You need comb, elastic bands and hair spray. You need to tie your hair into a high ponytail, try to make it smooth in your hair roots. For ponytail, twist it into a bun and let the hair end loose and messy. You can pull some hair strand of the bun looser to make it as messy as possible. You bun will look bigger and more outstanding.

Letter diamond hair clip

03 22 Inch Hair Extension

Hair accessories are indispensable to create new styles. While bone straight hair help you an edgy hairstyle, letter diamond hair clip with 22 inch hair extension create a sweet look. You can style your hair by let it down or low ponytail with some slightly wave with 1-2 clips.

In contrast, some hairstylists change it into an opposite style. Instead of 1-2 clips, we can use 4 clips with 2 of them for each side of our head. Hair tie will affect it as well. A tight ponytail with glossy hair will make sense for an edgy look. This various change in style made it become a hair trend in 2019

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What are 22 inch hair extensions of APO hair

Quality and price

04 22 Inch Hair Extension

Purchasing hair extension is never easy for newcomers due to hair quality and prices. No one wants to waste money on worthless trash hair. However, APO hair’s products have their own fancy features that thousand clients love and 22 inch hair extensions do the same. Coming to APO hair, you will find out 100% Remy human hair which can last up to 2 years. This nature of hair extension can save hundreds of bucks for you. In addition, work as a hair manufacturer, we have our own factory to select material and design our own products. That is the reason why our price is factory price. It means our prices are the cheapest in comparison with our hair quality.

To meet the end need of clients, we also divide hair extension into different levels of quality and price. In APO hair, hair quality is understood as hair thickness, it is not about hair’s lifespan. We call it hair standard which includes single drawn type 1, single drawn type 2, double drawn type 1 and double drawn type 2. These standards will have their own prices. Clients can depend on their financial condition to choose and purchase.

Hair color

We also create a color chart to make a large range of choices for clients all over the world. With more than 30 colors, we are confident to satisfy our clients and match to any hair trend color. Moreover, our factory is qualified enough to create ombre color and mix color as clients’ request. Not only simple colors such as black, brown, blonde, APO hair has developed different shade of these basic colors. Especially, the most favorite hair color in APO hair is cold color such as 2H, 6C, 9C, 12C, 613Q, 60C, etc. Our 22 inch hair extension are available in all colors of our chart and it is ready to go ombre or mix color as well.

05 22 Inch Hair Extension

You can transform your hair into many different styles with 22 inch hair extension. Even when you are a graceful girl or a strong personality girl, you should choose this hair length. If you are intending to try these hair trends in 2020, don’t hesitate anymore and come to APO hair. APO hair team will help you to choose best hair quality with the most reasonable price from our products. Let’s shop at now.


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