Taylor Swift’s Amazing Beauty


Taylor Swift is a pop music star that is always blowing us away with her stylish with new hair and makeup trends. She wears a cool and casual hairstyle here that suitable with her face shape and hair texture perfectly. Her hair total blonde color, and sometimes she changes hair extension to make everything newly. Besides, APOHAIR, we supply all hair extension and Remy hair like Taylor Swift.

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Be a famous pop singer, she always cares about hairstyles for each event. She always actually shines for her look. Her hairstyle plays an important role in her glamorous look. Let’s see how she can rock both short and long haircut in some description below:

Taylor Swift has a specific hair that all of her hair is blonde color and light brown. It’s very hard to see her black hair. With the short hair, she makes it into curly hair.  She is very sweet in this style. Her hair is very natural. She parts it from the middle but she looks very attractive and divine. Moreover, with the best hair, she can make it with a lot of styles.


She looks very attractive in this natural wavy. With a red lip and the light eyes, she is very sexy in this hair. The shoulder hair, she can combine with any accessories to help the color of hair lightest. In this picture, she uses cool color for the hair. Changing into cool color, she looks very strong and elegant. Although, the hair can make hair older on some Taylor has kept it fresh by keeping loose tendrils around the face.

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It is very hard to see Taylor in black hair, but in this picture, you can see the straight hair replace black hair. She is very young when wearing this straight hair. For a long straight hair extension, she looks very strong and glamorous. This is a favorite beauty look of Taylor’s so far! From the face manifestation to the amazing hair, it’s simply dreamy!

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n this time, Taylor changes her hairstyles from straight into the wavy hair. She is very elegant in long length hair. These soft waves look so beautiful that we cannot touch them. The wavy adds volume to the hair and works well to make your face look thinner and nice.

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Another hairstyle that Taylor Swift uses is ombre curly hair. She is very gorgeous in this color. It makes her shines on the stage.  She keeps her hair with lots of volumes and it looks very nice. For her hair, she keeps her roots cool color and blonde color in the bottom. Because of Remy hair extension, so her hair is very easy to make style.

Almost her hair will be blonde color; in this picture she uses the light brown color most, so the attention is the curly hair in front. This style is very suitable to take part in the concer

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t or event. She is very great in this hair!

Here are some hairstyles of Taylor Swift for you. If you need more virgin hair to bleach into blonde color like Taylor, our company will supply for you to own the beautiful hair.


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