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If you want to have healthy and strong hair on winter days, you need to know how to care properly. Healthy bouncy hair is always the passion of many women. However, not all of us know how to take care to have nice hair, especially in winter; hair care becomes more and more important because your hair in winter can be weak and easy to tangle. Today, APOHAIR Company will share useful tips for you to take care of your hair in winter effectively. Our company is a reliable place to provide customers hair extensions from short hair to long hair as the new generation wig made from Vietnam hair with the best quality. With our company additional manufacturing process, the hair extension is full of healthy appearance and in good condition. We are very careful to control the quality system in order for providing clients with the best products.

Helpful tips for hair care in autumn winter

Kieu Toc Tet Mac Ao Dai Dep Nhat

Brushing your hair regularly and wear your hair down

Brushing is not only good for your hair but also for your health. Hair comb will help the blood to circulate, detangle and make your hair look naturally shine. In the winter, combing regularly will keep the hair smooth and not stick together. Also, you should let your hair down for about 4 hours a day and do not a tie or hairpin to tie your hair too often. Releasing the hair will straighten the hair naturally without being bent or frizzy. Moreover, letting hair down also helps girls reduce the risk of headaches and hair loss.

Using lukewarm water to wash, limiting the use of hot water

In winter, ladies usually go to the salon to wash their hair with hot water. However, washing with hot water can easily ruin your natural hair. This will cause hair to show signs of being fibrous, tangled, split or even cause hair loss if you regularly wash your hair with hot water too often because after shampooing, hair will lose its moisture, and lacks elasticity as well.

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When shampooing with lukewarm water, it will help tighten pores without causing bad effects on epidermis of the hair. When shampooing, you should not put shampoo directly on your hair but wet your hair first. You should put shampoo on the palm and mix with foam water, and then massage the shampoo on the hair for a while. After all, you wash it with water and remember to brush your hair with your fingers first or you can use thin comb, because when being washed, your hair is easily tangled, as a result using thick comb is easy to lose hair.

Using proper conditioner

For many girls especially the one having short hair, it is very unlikely that they will use hair conditioner for one or two minutes. While the conditioner can only really work if you put enough time for it when applying to the hair. In case your hair is dry and broken, the appropriate time for using the conditioner is 30 minutes before shampooing with clean water. If you use too much shampoo or do not wash your natural hair thoroughly, it can make your hair become unhealthy. Especially, in the winter annealing with hair conditioner can help hair to be stronger and rich in moisture. Good advice for girls is to choose the appropriate conditioner suitable for hair and scalp to work on your hair effectively.


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