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Being a powerful singer in the world, Adele impresses people by not only her beautiful voice but also her special charisma. Although she does not have sexy body shape, she attracts people’s attention by her well-cared appearance. More specifically, her hairstyles can inspire women a lot.

Whether she has long hair or short hair, her hairstyles are gorgeous with the support of hair extensions. Let’s see how she boost her look with these below hairstyles.

Adele’s bob hairstyle


Adele is great at the Brit Awards 2018 with gorgeous bob hairstyle. She looks seductive and charming with the hair in blond tones. She is smart when choosing the such great combination. It is the combination of red lipstick, green nails, long red dress and bob hair in a blonde hue.

Adele’s half up half down hairstyle

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Even though many hairstyles go well with Adele, her favorite one is half up half down as she wear it a lot. To have her wavy hair in this hairstyle, she ties her front hair and keep the rest of her hair in a fallen style.

Moreover, this is a flexible hairstyle as it is suitable for both formal and informal events. If you are interested in half up half down hairstyle, you can make it at home with the support of hair extensions to have fabulous hair.

Adele’s bun hairstyle

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Another popular hairstyle of Adele is bun. This style makes her look elegant and charming. In this picture, her bun hairstyle is different with some hair lock which contributes to frame her face shape. This is a very glamorous hairstyle for formal events and parties.

Adele’s wavy hairstyle

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It can be said that Adele likes wavy hair a lot and it also makes many people to fall in love with her. She usually wears medium hair with many gorgeous hairstyle. This wavy hairstyle suits all ladies who like to follow the fashion and are always the center of attention. You also can apply this look yourself. It is very easy to follow. If you want to add more volume to your hair, you can use hair extensions for help.

Adele’s wavy medium hairstyle

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This wavy medium hairstyle makes her confident when she on the stage and impresses people by her beautiful voice. The hair in blonde and wavy texture contributes to enhance her glamorous appearance. It brings to her elegance and grace.

Above are 5 Adele’s gorgeous hairstyles which from you can take inspiration. Hope that through these such beautiful hairstyles, you can make yourself a glamorous style and be confident. If you worry that your hair is too short or too thin, it is no problem since we have hair extensions for help.

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With the variety of hair length and hair types, you can choose the most suitable hair extensions. Be spoilt at choice with Apohair!


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