Vietnam Hair 00002
Vietnam Hair 00002

Summer is time for holiday, it is time for you to enjoy with your friends, however; it also may be the nightmare for your hair. In the summer, the hot weather makes your Vietnam hair not only oily but also dry and fizzy. To help you stop worrying about your hair problems and enjoy the summer, we suggest some tips for you to take care of your Vietnam hair during summer, protect it from the hot weather and sun’s heat in the summer.

Apply conditioner

The sun’s heat in the summer is extremely awful. It is the factor making your hair dry and loss moisture. To take care of your hair in such terrible weather, it is important that you should apply conditioner frequently. Remember to choose the suitable type of conditioner for your Vietnam hair to gain the best result.

Stay away from dryer

In the summer, your Vietnam hair has to suffer the heat from the sun and it should not be suffer on from the dryer anymore. Please avoid using dryer as much as possible. If you are used to washing your hair in the evening, make sure that you wash it early enough to leave it dry without using dryer.

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Avoid tying your hair tightly

Many women usually tie hair up tightly in the summer because of the hot weather. However, you should not do that since the sweat will gather in the scalp and lead to greasy hair. Moreover, tying your hair too tightly also can be one factor of hair loss. Therefore, give up tight hairstyle, in stead, you can try other hairstyles which are suitable for you hair during summer.


You usually use massage method to take care of your skin, your hair also need it. It is dry and fizzy during summer by the effect of sun’s heat, therefore; oil time is necessary to provide it with moisture. There are many kinds of oil you can choose to massage your scalp such as coconut, olive, grapefruit and so on. Massaging your scalp with oil not only restore moisture level and bring strength for your Vietnam hair but also help you reduce stress after a hard-working day.

Vietnam Hair 00002

Drink water

Drinking enough water is very good for your health, your skin and even your hair. Each person should drink at least 4 litters of water everyday. This will provide enough water for your body in one day, especially in the summer when you have much sweat due to the hot weather. When you body absorbs the right amount of water, your scalp retains enough moisture and nourishment to protect your Vietnam hair from any hair troubles.

Above are some tips to take care of your hair during summer time when the weather is horribly hot. To have a beautiful hair, consider these tip and apply them to maintain your Vietnam human hair in the best condition, keep it away from damaged state. Use these tips to have an amazing hair in the summer holiday.


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