Braiding Short Curly Hair Wigs Tutorials That Look Amazing For Halloween

01 Short Hair Wig

Scrolling on Facebook or Instagram, you will feel jealous of those girls who have stunning curly hair, especially short curly hair. Oh, girls, you don’t need to envy anymore, curly hair wig is now very popular and all of your headaches can be cleared. What you need to do is purchase a wig, install on your head and you can get ready to go out. If you are finding for a braiding hairstyle to go with your short curly wig, let scroll down and find down some trendy looks.

Basic Steps To Prepare Before Braiding Short Curly Wig

So first and foremost, remember to braid your curly wig when it’s wet. Even you can braid on dry curly hair, but it does harder because the texture of the hair easily gets tangled and shedding. Besides the wet curly wigs are easily stretch out so that you can maximize the length and minimized shrinkage, make the braiding work more simple.

02 Short Hair Wig

When you are wearing the wig, For the sake of ease to braid, you should do this work in front of a mirror. If don’t, use a mannequin to get the perfect braid.

Some popular types of braiding Short Curly Wig

Regular Braid

Start detangling the hair and remove any kinks by using a wide-tooth comb. Visually divide your hair into sections. Keep in mind that it is important to the hair position so that you don’t get any confusion while braiding the hair. Divide the hair into three sections and try to remember the “spell” for the sections in terms of position: right, center, and left. Essentially, you look like a robot when you repeat the pattern again and again to finish the braid.

05 Short Hair Wig

You cross the right section over the center, cross the left section over the center in the opposite direction. Getting right-to-left and vice versa can make you feel angry but with the short wig, it takes less time than another hair length so doesn’t get frustrated, and try to do it right, you will feel happy with the results.

French Braid and Dutch Braid

02 Short Hair Wig

You should know that a French braid actually starts out as a regular braid. Making the regular braid first. It’s mean that you should start by crossing the three-strand over each other. When you braid you wig to the neck, it’s time to start adding new sections of hair to get that French braid look. So each time you cross a strand from the outside to the middle, add a small section of hair. You can pull the hair from the outer part, near your face and continue to braid.

Fishtail Braid

04 Short Hair Wig

More gorgeous braid style to refresh your short curly wig. If you want do this amazing hairstyle, either choose to do just one braid or divide your hair In half for two, smooth your hair, and then separate your hair into two sections. Begin the tutorial by crossing one smaller section from each side over into the other. Cross from the left to the right and vice versa, repeat over and over until you run out of hair. Braiding until you get the bottom of your hair, use a hair tie to secure the braid. Voila! You get the ultimate” running errands” styles.

Can we braid when the Short Curly Wig is dry?

It’s possible, but of course, you can get some challenges. . Braiding tutorial will take longer because sectioning the hair is very harder. You definitely have to work through the tangles, and maybe you will tear through a few and cause some damages. So if you are persistent to do a braid with dry, be sure to use some supporting products to give your hair some extra slip. This will help the process to be easier and it will also help fight frizz.

03 Short Hair Wig

Have you ever tried to braid your short curly wig? How many braiding methods have you tried? You can share with us in the comment below and also, give us more ideas about braiding tutorials you have ever tried before.


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