Sew-in wavy hair extension: Best way to add fullness to human hair

Sew In Wavy
Sew In Wavy

As a matter of fact, hair extensions, also known as artificial hair integrations, add length and fullness to human hair. Hair extensions are usually clipped, glued, or sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair. We know that pixies are all over the place right now, but it’s undeniable that they can’t hold the candle to the beautifully long, loose waves. In fact, many of the most go-to heads of hair get help from extensions. However, with all the so-called pre-bonded, micro-loop, and thousands of types of hair extensions on the market, how can we know which type should we go for? Just so you know, the most popular hair integration up to this moment is the sew-in wavy hair extensions, so if you aim to get a longer lock, sew-in wavy hair extensions are likely to be the most suitable one for you.

01 Sew In Wavy
01 Sew In Wavy

What’re Sew-in Wavy hair extensions?

In case you’re wondering, just like its name, the sew-in wavy is a kind of hair extension that is sewn into your natural braided hair, or sometimes a net. The hair itself is braided into a specific pattern, the pattern depends on the style that you are looking for. To get the most realistic style that you can, you can just leave some of the hair out on top and on the sides.

02 Sew In Wavy
02 Sew In Wavy

Sew-ins take the brunt out of having to style your hair daily, so instead of exposing your hair to thermal tools, combing and brushing, your sew-in offers the protection so you won’t damage your hair. Your ends, which are the oldest and driest part of your hair, are tucked away in your sew-in, allowing them to remain moisturized.

A sew-in may feel a bit uncomfortable and foreign to your head. But the sensation will go away once you get used to the new position of your hair extensions. And, if you are getting extensions attached to cornrows that may be a tad bit tight – don’t panic – it’ll loosen up.

How to sew in wavy hair extensions?

Step 1: Pay close attention to the hair line side. It is important that the hair extension in the hair line is created. You never attach close to the natural hair line than the hair extension in the hair line.

Step 2: Create a 45 degree division in the middle of your section. Be sure that all the hair outside the section you are applying to. Grab a little hair and take the first small amount of natural hair. Simply braid the hair from two sides of your head, and hold the braid tail in one hand. And then take the needle and pull the thread through the tail a couple of times. And cut off the excess needlework.

Step 3: Place the full weft against the braid and using the sewing needle through the hair weaves and braid.

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How to take care of hair extensions?

  • Combs for combing hair must be round and wide, and comb the hair gently, otherwise it will cause hair shedding.
  • Shampoos and conditioners must be acidic.
  • Do not expose to the sun for a long time.
  • Keep a distance between the hair dryer and the hair extensions when blowing.
  • Gently wash the hair extension while shampooing

APO Hair’s sew-in wavy human hair extensions

03 Sew In Wavy
03 Sew In Wavy

Apohair is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of exporting hair to the international market. At APO Hair, 100% Vietnamese human hair is used in producing sew-in wavy hair. Vietnamese hair is famous for its strong and natural features, which helps to keep the natural status of the hair extensions. Especially, there is no chemical or synthetic hair containing in any of our hair products.

We provide a lot of textures for our sew-in wavy human hair extensions from wavy to curly, and straight. The hair colors are also various. Depending on your own need, you can choose the hair color you love. Each color has a very different characteristic, giving you a different hairstyle.

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As one of the leading hair dealers in Vietnam, APO Hair offers you an excellent price-performance ratio! Our products meet the highest quality requirements, which are constantly monitored. Click HERE to know more about us, our products and promotion policies.


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