Recommendations To Care For Your Wig Properly 1
Recommendations To Care For Your Wig Properly 1

When the number of people using wigs to beautify themselves is increasing, knowing how to care for the wigs is very necessary. Here are some of our recommendations.

Wash your wig

Recommendations To Care For Your Wig Properly
Recommendations To Care For Your Wig Properly

This is an indispensable step when using a wig. When your wig is exposed to your scalp as well as your natural hair, it means that the wig has to be exposed to the sweat that your scalp secretes. Besides, the wig is also affected negatively by the dirt from the environment.

For these reasons, your wig needs to be washed after 2-3 times of use. Remember to wash your wig with cold water instead of hot water. If not, bad bacteria will be given a chance to arise and affect the wig. Under no circumstance can your real hair and your scalp avoid being influenced in the next time you wear this wig.

You should let your wig dry naturally by hanging it up or using a towel.

Comb your wig

Recommendations To Care For Your Wig Properly 1
Recommendations To Care For Your Wig Properly

Today, in addition to natural wigs, there are Kanekalon wigs and Toyokalon wigs. Kanekalon wigs are made of synthetic fibers. On the other hand, Toyokalon wigs are known as a kind of nylon wigs.

The structure and appearance of Kanekalon wigs look like the real hair up to 99%, therefore, in comparison with Toyokalon wigs, Kanekalon wigs are more preferred. Nevertheless, the biggest disadvantage of Kanekalon wigs is that they are easily tangled. As a result, combing your wig is an essential task to maintain the gorgeous look of the wig.

First of all, it is important for you to choose the right comb. A specialized comb for wigs is highly recommended.

To remove tangled hair by a comb, you need to use a spray for wigs. Apply it on the tangled hair to make it easier to comb the wig.

Protect your wig from environmental damages

It is necessary for you to protect your wig whenever you wear it to go out. If you do not want your wig to get tangled and dry, please try to avoid letting it expose to some environmental damages such as wind, sunlight, rainwater as well as dirt and smoke in the air.

This note is useful for not only wigs and hair extensions but also your real hair.

Recommendations To Care For Your Wig Properly 2
Recommendations To Care For Your Wig Properly

Preserve your wig

Apart from washing your wig regularly and protecting it from any environmental damages, preserving your wig is also a very important task to ensure that your wig can be used for a long time.

After using then washing the wig, you are advised to preserve it in a nylon bag. Furthermore, do not forget to keep it in the best condition. Avoid too bright or damp environments.

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