What are the proper hair-care tips for winter days?

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You can breathe a sigh of relief from the summer which has passed, the stage where the sunlight can damage your hair, but the winter is coming.

Though not as scary as the summer haze, the weather is dry. Winter can lose the natural moisture of the hair, causing frequent hair loss, discouraged and bloated hair.

If you do not care for your hair in winter, another set of troubles will happen. Let’s see some small tips to protect your hair in winter right now

Avoid shampooing with hot water


In the cold season, touching the cold water is a torture, so you have many habits of taking a shower with hot water to keep warm. However, washing with hot water will cause the scalp to peel off and be more vulnerable, even cause extreme discomfort.

Instead, you should wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Warm water not only helps to clean dirt and oil on the scalp effectively, but it also helps you feel so much more relaxed. You should also keep in mind not to wash your hair regularly, just wash 2-3 times a week.

Using hair conditioner properly

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Hair conditioner is definitely the product that we use every day right? However, you have the habit of applying lotion to your hair and rinse immediately with water. But one thing that few people know is the truth: it only works after 2-3 minutes massage.

Even for those whose hair is damaged, broken you can also leave it for 20-30 minutes. When using conditioner, you should apply it to the hair ends and wears a hair cap to condition the hair to penetrate deep into the hair. You will surprise about the effect of this little tip.

Do not skip serum or conditioner

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In winter, the hair is usually dry and crispy, and sometimes we also need to dry our hair or make a pencil hair. Under the influence of such heat, we should pay attention to the “resistance” for the hair.

And hair serum is the key to solve this problem. Serum will help create a protective layer on the same side for the hair, help the hair to be glossy and overcome many disadvantages such as split, not to sticky, etc.

Usage is also very simple, just dry the hair to about 80%, we give a little hair serum. You can massage the tail so that the nutrients are absorbed into our hair.

With more damaged hair, we can then pay attention to massage a little more, note that does not take much serum, otherwise, the hair will be sticky, but we do not like that, right?

 Remove the ends of your hair by prying your hair regularly

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For 6 to 8 weeks we spend some time to trim the hair once. Just trim a bit at the ends of your hair and It will also help the hair to split and dry it.

These useful tips can be very effective in taking care of your long hair or short hair in winter. Not only does it work on real human hair but also on your hair extensions.

If you own hair extensions and still wonder how to keep it live longer, let’s apply the useful tips. Moreover, you can find some reliable address to choose high-quality hair extension products such as Apohair Company.


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