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Cardi B is known as the stage name of Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, a female American rapper. In addition to her incredible voice as well as her hilarious personality, what make her catch the attention of others are her outstanding hairstyles.

Straight formal bob


Straight formal bob with center parting is said to be a perfect hairstyle to reveal the strong facial features of the American rapper. Platinum blonde color seems to flatter her skin tone. It is necessary to trim regularly so that you can maintain the shoulder length hair with blunt cut. It can be said that two sides of her face are framed perfectly and her face looks slimmer thanks to the middle parting without bangs.

Black blunt cut with blunt bangs

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In 2016, Cardi B debuted her black blunt haircut with blunt bangs when hitting the red carpet at the VH1 America’s Next Top Model premiere party in New York. Undeniably, the combination of blunt haircut and blunt bangs was a perfect combo which made the “Ring” rapper look younger. The cardi black bob hairstyle matched well with her floral shirt.

Wavy lob

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Cardi B wore a black wavy lob hairstyle when she appeared at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. It cannot be denied that voluminous waves played an important role in amping up her lob. Especially, the asymmetrical haircut made she looked both cool and noble.

Romantic updo

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Cardi B’s romantic updo was voted as one of the best hairstyles at the 2018 Grammy Awards. Two loose wavy tendrils were left out to frame her face perfectly. Many said that the low black updo made Cardi B look like a Disney princess. This romantic updo reminds us the prom hairstyles in the early 2000s.

Rainbow hair

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The rainbow hairstyle is one of the craziest hairstyles of Cardi B. The rainbow-colored wig was made by two talented hairstylists, Tyrainthecity and Cliff Mir.

The first time she wore such colorful wig was when she and her baby’s daddy, Offset, attended the birthday party of their friend in Atlanta, Georgia. The half-up half-down multicolored hairstyle surprised many guests at the party.

Cornrow braids

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Cardi B is known for her various braided hairstyles, but cornrow braids seem to be more preferred by her as she wears it more frequently. Cornrow braid consists of many small braids which are braided flat against the scalp.

The starting points of these small braids are at the front near your head or your ears. One plus point of this hairstyle is that you will never have to worry that your hair can get tangled. It is obvious that cornrow braided hairstyle is suitable for Cardi B’s style – a rapper’s style.

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