Middle part sew-in with no leave out

No Leave Out

Are you struggling with your fine thin hair? Well, same things happen to us, but have you ever tried to reach the solution for a problem like this? Well, we have! If you still haven’t had no idea what to do, then you should definitely read this post cause’ we’re giving you this middle part sew-in with no leave out that would, somehow, inspire you in dealing with your lifeless hair and get that youthfulness back to your lock.

Many of you newcomers may have assumed that all types of hair extensions are all relatively the same. The truth is, the world of hair extensions is way more diverse than you could ever think, and the middle part sew-in is just one among all those various types of hair extensions. So why are we talking about the sew-in? And what’s a middle part sew-in with no leave out? Well, having hair extensions is great, but they can sometimes be very complicated to use or even cause damages to hair. Sew-in hair, on the other hand, is one helpful solution for beginning to mid progressive stages of hair loss or for ladies without causing any undesired effect. 

middle part sew in with no leave out

What is middle part sew in with no leave out?

Sew-in hair is a method of semi-permanent hair application as hairstylists will sew the hair wefts onto your own braided hair. The most common types of sew-in hair are free-part, middle-part, and three-part. The middle part sew-in is usually used for those wanting to balance the volume of their hair or to hide damaged ends or baby hairs. You can either choose to leave some of your natural hair out to blend with the extensions (the sew-in with leave out middle-part), namely the middle part sew-in with leave out or choose to apply a middle part sew-in with no leave out. So basically, the middle part sew-in with no leave out is a type of sew-in hair extensions with no natural hair left out when applied. 

So why middle part sew-in with no leave out? While the sew-in with leave out middle part or middle part sew-in with short leave out gives out the most natural looks, it requires a lot of effort in terms of daily maintenance to blend your hair with the extensions, hence unlikely to be the most viable choice for those who are active 24/7 like us. The middle part sew-in with no leave out, or full middle part sew-in, appears to be the most versatile and long-lasting option for girls. 

middle part sew in no leave out

It is also very easy to install a middle part sew-in with no leave out apart from the clip-in hair extensions. 

Make sure the skin below your hairline is purified and clean, as this will be where you place your extensions. For the first step of applying a middle part sew-in with no leave out, you want to braid your hair down in order to keep your sew-in lay as flat as possible, you won’t want any bump or unnatural pattern to appear on your lock later. The following step is to sew the extensions tightly to keep your hair in place before attaching other hair parts to your sew-in. This is the most important part as your hair may end up dislocated if you didn’t secure it beforehand. The third step to follow is to add the remaining tracks before customizing your sew-in. After sewing your extensions into the braids, cut the lace to fit your hairline to make it as natural as possible. In fact, it would be impossible to detect the hair weave if you cleverly position it to blend in with your own hair, be extra careful not to cut any hair from your sew-in. 

A friendly reminder is that you should only wear the middle part sew-in for 6 weeks at most, or else both your extensions and your natural hair will be damaged as the result of dehydration and unhygienic. Also, remember to take care of your middle part sew-in with no leave out when you’re still having it on, especially when you usually workout. The reason for this is that most sew-in hair extensions are made of human hair. A special characteristic of this type of hair is that they will need extra nourishment as the hair when taken away from the host, will no longer receive the nutrients and essential oils from the scalp. That’s why when having a human hair middle part sew-in, do pay great attention to it to keep your hair as long-lasting as possible.

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Apostore’s Sew-in Hair Extensions

middle part sew in no leave out

In Apostore, we supply the sew-in hair extensions in all textures and colors. There are now 12 main textures available at APO Hair – Kinky, Yaki, Natural Wavy, Body Wavy, Deep Wavy, Water Body Wavy, Deep Curly, Fumi Curly, Kinky Curly, Loose Curly, and Romantic Curly. 

Our products are 100% made of Vietnamese human Remy hair, which is considered the thickest hair texture among all. You can rest assured that our sew-ins enable you to dye or style in any way you would like without worrying that the hair will get damaged or tangled. 

In terms of hair colors, we have a wide range of color palettes for you to choose from, from the most basic black to ombré, blonde, red, or even piano color. 

Apostore takes care to provide the highest-quality items trusted by many customers, as well as provide the best customer service. We inform our customers the most reasonable deals, customer favorites, and wear-worthy products of ours. For more on our product, make sure that you subscribe and share your story in the comment section below. 

Should you’re looking for qualified middle part sew-in with no leave out or middle part sew-in with leave out at reasonable prices, visit APO Hair’s website to find out what we have for you. Lastly, make sure to share your stories as well as your opinions on this post in the comment section below. We expect to stumble across your comments as soon as possible. 


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