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Loose Curl
Loose Curl

A lot of people choose loose curls hair as it is beautiful and youthful. This hairstyle helps us save much time and also lets us be more confident when going out. However, we need to admit that not all times can we go to the hair salon to have our hair made in a new texture. What are the best solutions for those situations? Prepare some loose curls hair extensions for yourself at home and do it in the quickest way.

01 Loose Curl

What is loose curls hair extensions?

Loose curls hair extensions are one of the most favorite hair extensions of the young these days. In the past, people get used to using hair extensions which are made in straight texture. Gradually, the demand of customers is much higher. They love many other types of hair extensions designed in more complicated textures. It can be wavy or curly hair. By that time, loose curls hair extensions appear and become the best products in the hair market.

02 Loose Curl

How to get new style with loose curls hair extensions?

Just be really comfortable to tell us that you are so fond of creating a glamorous and beachy look that makes you more beautiful and outstanding. Here, we have got a perfect recipe for big volume loose curls hairstyle. Just take a set of Apostore’s loose curls hair and then you will be definitely different.

There are some key accessories that you need to prepare for a new look with the application of hair extensions. What are they?

– Firstly, you need a mirror. The mirror is really important as it will help you see how you are changing your hairstyle. Also, by looking at the mirror, you can determine if something is going wrong in the process of application.

– A curling wand: a curling wand is essential especially when you use straight hair extensions to style new hair. Also, if you have got loose curls hair extensions, a curly wand is still important. You will need a curling wand to curl your natural hair if it has straight texture. This will make your hair blend with loose curls hair extensions.

– A comb: We cannot forget the comb in almost all circumstances. The comb will help detangle the hair (both your natural hair and loose curls hair extensions – if necessary), enabling the process of styling hair much easier.

– Hair extensions: hair extensions are regarded as the most vital accessories in this changing process. That’s why you need to find out the best hair extensions. Getting APO’s hair extensions will never make you disappointed. We have many types of hair extensions made in different textures. Loose curls hair extensions of APO are more and more popular in the market. We have loose curly hair extension which is really impressive.

03 Loose Curl

The special thing we want to emphasize here is that all APO’s hair products (consisting of clip in hair, weft hair, bulk hair, U tip, I tip, V tip, flat tip hair, lace closure, lace frontal and wig) are made of 100% Vietnamese remy hair. We make sure our hair quality. The hair is natural, tangle-free and smooth and also, it has no chemicals, synthetic hair.

How to use hair extensions

We are going to provide you some basic steps which are expected to be helpful in your installation.

– Apply your first wefts

Here, we are making instruction in clip in hair extensions. You will start by creating your first section at the nape of your neck, then clip in your first weft.

– Curl the hair

After putting the clip in hair extensions, start curling the hair. If you want to prevent the hair from tangling, don’t forget to separate the hair into two sections and bring each section in front of your shoulders to keep everything neat, tidy and easy to control.

– Getting a strand of your extensions, along with a strand of your real hair and then wrapping it around the curling wand.

Keep on applying your next hair extensions and curling your clip in weft until you have got your satisfying volume. Remember not to add any loose curls hair extensions too high as they will be hard to conceal if you don’t leave enough hair to cover them.

04 Loose Curl

The last step is to take down your natural hair and then blend your top layer into the hair extensions. Don’t forget to take a comb and backcomb against the roots of your natural hair on top to pump up the volume. Gently tease your curls apart to give yourself big and beautiful curls. At that time, you are achieving the best hairstyle with loose curls hair extensions. Follow us to get the latest updates about our products and promotion. We have many many types of loose curl hair extensions that are designed in different colors, standards and lengths. Order now to pick up the best quality hair extensions from Apostore. We are happy to support all of you. 

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