Keep your hair extensions for long lasting

Hair Extensions2
Hair Extensions2

Using hair extensions is not the strange term in the hair salon. People have used human hair extensions for the flexibility in using and the simple in application methods. Besides the best effect about the hairstyle that hair extensions can bring, people also need to care about the maintenance tips. Maintain is one of the important key deciding the time in using hair extensions.

It is easy to access the information about maintenance as many sources available on the Internet. However, with the various information and advice, it may lead to the confusing for users. Moreover, a large number of tips with many conflict advices, sometimes people find that it difficult to follow regularly.

When you apply for vietnam virgin hair extensions, it is necessary to separate the hair extensions bonds regularly. After care routine plays an important role for the long lasting of your hair extensions. In case you apply for hair extensions directly in your existing hair, people prefer human hair extensions as Apohair extensions product, which can bring the most natural looks. After the night sleeping, you need to separate your each bond with your fingers or the special comb with wide-tooth. After times, this way will avoid the risk of tangling, which is one of the nightmares for people using hair extensions.

Hair Extensions2

Washing is the common daily maintenance tips for not only natural hair but also the hair extensions. Even you add the hair extensions temporary or in a long time, it is important to keep them clean. Right ways in taking care of your hair improve the hair beauty effect for users. It does not require the daily washing, it is suggested that 3 times per week is suitable. When choosing hair products, make sure that shampoo and hair conditioner do not include any harm and alcohol components. You can prepare conditioner at home as some homemade carrying from eggs, honey and coconut oil.

Other noticeable about washing, shampoo is suitable for scalp and the hair conditioner should be used for the mid lengths and the ends only. Use warm water and do not hot water. Heat can make negative influences to your natural hair and the hair extensions also. Wash in the flow down position, because flipping hair leads to the risk of tangling.

Besides washing, the brush is also needed to pay attention. Whenever brush your hair, make sure that you do gently and carefully, especially when you add vietnam virgin hair extensions directly in your hair. Take your time for brushing, gentle brush your hair prevent tangle and shed.

One of the common mistakes of people is getting sleep when their hair wet. Wet hair leads to the hair problem and headache. Go to bed with wet hair or semi-wet, it hard for you to brush hair in the next morning. After washing, make sure that your hair is dried completely. Leave them dry naturally is ideal, however, if you do not have enough time, using the dry blower with limit heat can be considered.

Check your hair regularly to prevent other hair problems then you can timely treat them in the appropriate way.


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