Human hair crochet – a never untrendy style you should do now

01 Human Crochet Hair

As the society has non-stop developing, the demand for beauty products has also increasing continuously. And hairstyle is absolutely not an exception. Today, together with various new hairstyles, the old styles are also modernized and made an impressive comeback. Among the old trend which has been reborn, human crochet hair is now really popular, especially with black and African-American women.

Let figure out human crochet hair and why people craze for it.

What is human crochet hair?

You can simply see human crochet hair as one method of braiding hair. It was once a trend in the late 90s and early 20s, but due to the unnatural and fake look, it quickly lose the popularity. Today, with the creativeness of the hair artists, human crochet hair styles is now the favorite styles of many women.

02 Human Crochet Hair

 Advantages of crochet human hair

Crochet braids with human hair is considered a good choice since the pure natural hair will make the braids look more natural and attractive. Another advantage of using human hair for crochet over the synthetic hair is that you can dye and bleach it and apply different styling method to diverse your style. Besides, 100% human crochet hair is much easier to maintain and cleaning. Using human hair for crochet is also a way of saving money as after you remove the crochet style, you can wash and reuse the human hair multiples time with curly styles.


How to crochet braids from human hair?

Before you start, make sure you clean your hair and add some moisture to it.

Step 1: Start by cornrowing the hair without any leave out.

Step 2: Carefully use a crochet needle to add the crochet human hair. You can also use a bobby pin.

Step 3: Gently slide your needle underneath your cornrow.

Step 4: After opening the latch, you should hook the hair to your needle, and then close it.

Step 5: Pull the hair and needle under your cornrow. You can stop when you see the form of a hoop whose size is medium. There should be a loop on the cornrow’s one side while the other position should have tails.

03 Human Crochet Hair

Step 6: Fold your tails across the cornrow and place them into and out of the loop. Remember not to tighten it. 

Step 7: Use your fingers to twist that loop. And place the tails into and out of it once again. You can repeat the step one more time. Next, pull for tightening and holding the hair in place. You should secure your first stitch of the crochet hairstyles. 

Step 8: Repeat the steps until you cover the entire head

What type of human bulk hair should you use?

04 Human Crochet Hair

It is recommend to use wet straight and wavy hair to make human crochet hair for the best result. And here at APO’s store, we offer a wide range of high quality human bulk hair with various colors at reasonable price for you to choose.


How to take care of your crochet hair?

To keep your human crochet hair in good state, it is important to moisture your scalp and human hair you wear. You can use moisturizing mist to keep the human hair soft. And don’t forget to apply conditioner to it once a week.

05 Human Crochet Hair

You can also wash your crochet hair, but remember to wash it in the same direction with the braids in order to avoid loosening the braids and making it messy.

It depends on how you take care of your crochet hair that you can maintain it from 2 to 6 weeks. However, a month is considered the best time to keep the crochet in.  

Above we have bring you some details about human crochet hair. We hope that it will be useful to you if you are considering to make a new hairstyle. Thank you for reading.


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