How to wash a wig like a pro?

01 How To Wash A Wig

Just like your natural hair, the better you treat your wig, the greater it will look. And that maintenance process also includes wig washing. Not only does washing your wig clean your wig after times of use but also bring back the vibrant look to it. So today, we bring you full guidance on how to wash a wig like an expert to help you have a beautiful wig and keep it stay longer.

How often should you wash your wig?

For a human hair wig, you should wash it after every 7-14 wears, and the washing frequency of a synthetic wig is about 6-8 wears. Or you can look at the current state of your wig, regardless of synthetic or human hair, to make a decision. If it looks dull, tangled, and over-sprayed, you should prepare to wash your wig. However, too much washing will stretch the wig and shorten its life. Hence, don’t overuse styling as it will lead to styling products buildup on your wig, which means you must wash your wig more often.

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How to wash a human hair wig?

What to prepare?

Regular shampoo and conditioner for human hair

Wig stand

Wide-tooth comb, or wig brush

A clean towel

02 How To Wash A Wig

How to do?

Step 1: Use a wide-tooth comb or wig brush to comb your human hair wig and brush out any tangles and spray buildup. You should start combing from the bottom of your wig in short and gentle strokes and then move your way up to the top.

Step 2: Hold your wig under a running faucet of lukewarm water and rinse from the roots to the tips. Don’t soak or rub your wig under the water since it will cause tangling.

Step 3: Take an amount of shampoo to your palms of your hands and massage to loosen the shampoo. Then, apply the shampoo evenly over the hairpiece. Make sure not to rub or twist the hair, just simply smooth the shampoo from the bottom to the top of your wig. Also, remember to massage the shampoo on the cap inside in circular motions to clean the cap without affecting the roots.

03 How To Wash A Wig

Step 4: Gently rinse the wig to remove the shampoo by letting the water run through the base to the tips. After all the shampoo is removed, lightly squeeze to remove the excess water from the wig, but do not wring it. Then, pat dry your wig with a clean towel before conditioning.

Step 5: While the hair is still wet, spread some conditioner into your palms and apply it evenly into the hair, except the roots and knots of the wig. If you apply conditioner to these parts, it will loosen the knots and lead to hair loss. Let it there for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing. While waiting, you can use your fingers to gently detangle your wig from the tips to the base. Then, rinse the wig thoroughly under the running water to remove the conditioner. Remember to let the water run in the same direction of the hair to avoid tangling and towel plot the wig to remove the excess water.

Step 6: The best way to dry a wig is by putting it on the wig stand and let it dry naturally. Yet, if you are in a hurry, you can blow dry your human hair wig at medium or low heat and round brush the wig until it’s smooth. And wait for your wig to dry before you make any styling.

It’s also better to know tips on how to style a wig so that you can make the best use of the hair piece. 

How to wash a synthetic wig?

04 How To Wash A Wig

To wash a synthetic wig, you will apply the same process as that of a human hair wig. However, you need to replace regular shampoo and conditioner with specialized products for wigs. In step 5, instead of applying conditioner directly to the hair, you need to spray leave-in conditioner form the mid-half to the ends of the wig. Make sure to keep the spray bottle 10-12 inches from the wig. Another difference is never using a blow dryer to dry your synthetic wig. The fibers will become dry under the heat. The right way to do is air dry it.

Washing your wig is an effective way to keep the stunning look of your wig and make it stay with you longer. If you have any question on how to wash a wig, let drop a line in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.


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