How to put on a wig cap and things to consider

01 How To Put On A Wig Cap

Wig cap, a base material assembling the head is a familiar item among wig users. Although there are many ways to wear a wig, using a wig cap is one of the most common methods. However, each user has their own thought regarding using it. Some say it’s good while the others don’t agree. Today, let dwell on how to put on a wig cap and the pros and cons of wearing the piece.

How to put on a wig cap?

If you have long and medium hair, the most effective way to hide all the hair under the wig cap is to braid it. So, let start with the braiding and circle the braids around your head. If you have quite a lot of baby hair, it’s better to apply some gel to the strands to keep them in place before you make the braids. Instead of using gel, you can try to wet your hair with some water. Just make sure you don’t let it be dripping.

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02 How To Put On A Wig Cap

After you finish styling your bio hair, put your wig cap in line with your hairline and pull it over your head’s back and to your neck’s nape. Push the edges behind each ear. You can use some pins to secure your cap.

Please note that if you have sensitive skin, you can spray some scalp protective products to your head and wait for it to dry before you wear the cap. Also, it’s a great idea to select a wig cap that matches your skin tone and hair color. If your wig has a lace frontal, you should place the cap a little behind the hairline.

How to put on a wig cap with short hair easily? 

In fact, many people with short haircuts don’t use a wig cap to wear a wig. They often apply the wig directly to their hair. But it suits those with really short hair more. If your hair is a bit longer and thicker, a wig cap should be on your list.

03 How To Put On A Wig Cap

It’s easier to apply the cap with short hair. All you need is wearing it on your head and adjust the front and back of the wig cap. You may find the hair a bit messy underneath, so use your hands to style it. Alternatively, spray some gel into your hair, slick it back and use some pins to keep each section in place at the back of your head.

The pros and cons of using a wig cap

There are numerous opinions relating to use or not to use a wig cap. Hence, let check out the benefits and minus points of wig caps and you can make a decision.


– Acting as a barrier between your wig and skin to protect your scalp

– Getting rid of the scratchy and uncomfortable feeling that the wig causes to your head

– Securing your wig, especially for people with hair loss

– Smoothing out the lumps and bumps of your bio hair underneath

– Creating a natural look for your wig

04 How To Put On A Wig Cap


– Making you overheat in hot weather

– Damaging your hair and scalp if the sweat and oil building up under hot weather

– A tight wig cap will hurt your head while a loose one make the wig slip

How to put on a wig without a wig cap?

If you find a wig cap does not suit you, you can have other ways to apply your wig like using glue or tape, wig grip or the wig comb and clips that come with your wig. Each method has its strong points, so consider and choose one that goes best with you. After all, what makes you feel comfortable is the most important thing.

05 How To Put On A Wig Cap

Now you get a grasp of how to put on a wig cap, the advantages and disadvantages of using a cap. Above all, it still depends on how the wig cap suits you. Just make a try for several days and you will get the answer for yourself. If you want more tips on how to wear a wig, please keep following us for more updates. Thank you for reading.


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