How to make your curly wig look natural?

01 Curly Wig

A fresh bouncy hairstyle may be the dream of many girls. However, while the flowing curly locks make you look more elegant and impressive, your hair will certainly go through damage due to heat and chemical exposure. An ideal alternative option is using a curly wig. But how to make it look as natural as your natural hair? Let figure out below.

Buy a curly hair wig that fits your head

Although many wigs come with a strap to help users adjust the wigs, there are some wigs that have different sizes. Therefore, it’s better to handily measure your head to get the exact wig that fits your head. This way will prevent your wig from slipping or tightening your head and look more natural.

You should starting measuring your hairline at the forehead to the nape of your neck. Then, make a measurement from ear to ear over the top of your head and across the hairline. Measure across the nape of your neck at the base of your hairline. Go through your temple to temple and measure the circumference of your head.

02 Curly Wig

Pluck your curly wig

If look at your natural hairline and where you part your hair, you will see some scalp since the hair is sparser near the hairline. Therefore, your curly wig is too dense at the wig’s part and hairline, you should pluck it to make it look like your real hair. You can place the curly hair wig on your head or on a mannequin head and use tweezers to pluck the front hair. Be careful so as not to pluck the lace.

03 Curly Wig

Trim the lace part

Cutting the extra lace along your hairline will make you look better. You should put your wig in your head and adjust until it’s placed where you want to secure it later. After that, start cutting from the middle towards the hairline, but please remember not to cut your baby hair. When you trim along the hairline, make sure you follow the hairline and its curve to get a natural look. A straight cut is an easy way to tone down the appearance of your wig. When you reach the ear position, it’s better to trim close to the ears so the lace will not be seen easily.

04 Curly Wig

Make some blending

Lightly apply some concealer that you have on your lace and hairline so that it will look like your own skin tone. In this way, you can make the lace less visible. Yet, if you have an invisible lace wig, you can skip this step as the HD lace film is see-through and perfectly melted into your scalp.

05 Curly Wig

Maintain the curly pattern

You may worry that your curly wig will be loosened after each washing, but with proper caring, you can surely remain the perfect texture. After washing your wig, you should use your fingers to twist each curl and let it bounce back to the original shape. After that, to maintain the style you have just restore, slip the hairnet over your wig. The net will hold the curls and keep its pattern until you are ready to wear it again. Normally, this hairnet is included in the package when you buy your curly wig. Hence, let save it for future use.

06 Curly Wig

Purchase a human hair wig

A human hair wig will ensure you the most natural look thanks to the smoothness of the hair strands. Whereas, a synthetic one can look luscious with the tight curly locks at first, but after a short time of using, it will become rough and dry. Therefore, do invest in a human hair curly wig with great durability and flexibility to obtain a stunning look.

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A curly wig will bring you an awesome look of you master the way to make it as natural as your bio hair. So, let follow our tips and enjoy your time with a new appearance. Thank you for reading.


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