How to find a good short wig to complement your look?

01 Short Wig For Sale

Short wig is an ideal item for women love short hairstyles. It’s undeniably better for humid areas or for those who feel that their bodies are always hot. The longer the wig (just like the longer your hair), the more heat will be accumulated and the warmer you will feel throughout the day. Besides, short wigs are a bit easier to style and maintain, dry faster and available at cheaper price.  And today, we will guide you more on how to find a good short wig and how to get a short wig for sale.

How to find a short wig for a brilliant look?

Before we start, let clarify the exact length of a short wig. A short wig normally comes at 6-10 inches. Depending on the texture of the wig, two wigs with the same length may look different. Wig makers always measure a wig by stretching the hair to get the correct number. That means a curly wig will fall 1-2 inches shorter than a straight one. And now, let move to the main points: How to choose a short wig?

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Consider your face shape

Your short wig can be most flattering when you choose one that enhances your face shape and highlights your natural features. To choose a short wigs suits your face, you need to determine what is your face shape first. For example, round face shape has chubby cheeks, round and full jawline; therefore, it looks best short pixie wigs or a layered short bob which accentuates the collarbone. But those with this type of face shape should avoid bob hairstyles with blunt bangs.

02 Short Wig For Round Face

What is your lifestyle?

Consider your way of life when choosing the perfect short hair wig is an important step. You should ask yourself these questions. Why do you want to wear a wig? When will you use it? Is it convenient? What do you often do for your haircare routine? Do you need to buy some more wig care products to maintain it? Do you want a wig that you can put on with minimal styling and maintain or do you want something that can be styled in different ways? You should also think about if you need a wig that you can wear comfortably when you are working out or running.

04 Short Wig For Sale

Synthetic or human hair?

In terms of hair origin, there are two main types of wigs: synthetic and human hair. Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic fibers. They are available in the market with various styles and colors. Human hair wigs are created from real human hair, making them the most realistic type of wig. Human hair wigs come with a higher price than a synthetic wig. This is because it takes a lot of time and effort to gather the hair needed for wig-making. So, to choose between human hair and synthetic hair for your short wig depends on your budget and the look you want to obtain.

04 Synthetic Human Hair

Select the cap construction

Cap construction is another factor you should take into consideration during the wig-buying process. There are several options for cap constructions to go with different demands and prices. You can choose between open top, mono top, full lace, and lace front constructions. But if you don’t want to wear a cap, it’s still fine. There are some wig wearers comment that a wig cap can make them feel hot and uncomfortable. Since many wig caps are made from nylon liners, they can sometimes react with the skin and cause the scalp to sweat more than usual. So beware.

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05 Short Wig For Sale

How to get a short wig for sale?

A short wig for sale at a more affordable price is surely what every buyer dreams of. Normally, wig suppliers offer special discounts to both online and offline customers on special occasions. It can be your birthday, the holidays of the supplier’s countries like national day, or the global holidays like Christmas, New Years, etc., Where you can find the info for the discount programs? The answer is simple: visit their website or social networks, the sales programs display right on the Home page and its banner often stands on top of the pages.  Another way is subscribing to the website with your email to get the newsletters. And you will never miss any offers from your favorite wig supplier.

Above are what matter when choosing a short wig and how to find a short wig for sale. So now, it’s time to buy one and enjoy your look. Thank you for reading. 


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