How to detangle a wig quickly?

01 How To Detangle A Wig

After a long working day, you come back to your home, remove your wig and place it on your wig stand. And there, the tangles in your wigs, AGAIN. You are too tired to handle the mess, but you still need it tomorrow. Don’t be discouraged. We bring you the quickest way on how to detangle a wig. Do it now and you can head to your bed for a goodnight’s sleep. In this article, we mention the methods for synthetic hair and human hair. You can choose one for your wig type.

How to detangle a human hair wig?

Step 1: If you have a long wig, it’s important to comb your hair first. Place your human hair wig on the wig stand. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to comb the wig from the roots to the tips. In case you don’t have a wig stand, you can lay your wig in a table and start combing gently.

Step 2: Soak the human hair wig into warm water for about 5 minutes. If you haven’t washed your wig recently, you can mix some mild shampoo to the water to clean the wig. After that, rinse it in water to remove the shampoo. And then, take the wig back to the wig stand. Make sure wring the wig before putting it into the stand to remove the water dripping. You can use a towel to pat dry the wig.

02 How To Detangle A Wig


Step 3: Mix one part of conditioner with 3 parts of cool water into a spray bottle. Shake it thoroughly. Next, spray the mixture evenly into your wig.

Step 4: Use a wide-tooth comb and gently comb to remove the tangles from the bottom to the top.

Step 5: Spray clean water into the wig or you can rinse it lightly in fresh water.

Step 6: Let the wig air-dry overnight. If you are about to go out, you can use a blow dryer to dry the wig. Yet, remember to turn on cooling mode or the lowest heat level to protect the hair.

03 How To Detangle A Wig



How to detangle a synthetic wig?

Synthetic hair is more prone to tangle compared to human hair as it’s harder to maintain and barely absorb the normal conditioner. There are many ways to remove the knots on a synthetic wig, but if you don’t have much time and items at home, you can do simply as follows:

Step 1: Place the synthetic wig under a running faucet and use a mild shampoo to wash the wig.

Step 2: Apply detangling conditioner or leave-in conditioner to the hair. Remember to avoid the tangles on your wig so that it won’t loosen after drying.

Step 3: Use a wide-tooth comb and gently comb from the bottom to the top of the wig. While you comb your wig, carefully remove the knots.

04 How To Detangle A Wig


Step 4: Rinse the wig into fresh water to clean

Step 5: Use a towel to pat dry your wig. Then, put it to your wig stand and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the wig again.

Step 6: Allow the wig to air-dry

So, you can master how to detangle a wig now. To avoid such state on your wig, however, you should set aside some time to take care of it. You can also check the useful tips to prevent your wig from tangling by reading “How to detangle a wig? The basic dos and don’ts for new wig wearers”.

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We hope that you will always stay beautiful with your tangle-free wig amidst your busy life. Please keep supporting us by hitting “Like” for our blog post. Thank you for reading.


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