How to box braids – Tips for an awesome look

01 How To Box Braid

Are you searching for a chic hairstyle to highlight your look? Then, box braid is a great choice for you. Having the style at a salon may be costly, but you can always do it at home with our easy-to-follow guide. Let get started now with how to box braid. 

Prep your hair

Firstly, use your normal shampoo to wash your hair and then apply some conditioner to add moisture to the hair and prevent frizz when you dry it later. Even if you intend to use hair extensions for the braiding process, you still need to wash and condition your hair properly so that the hair extensions can be attached tightly to your natural hair.

02 How To Box Braid

After that, let your hair dry naturally and then use a wide-tooth comb to brush out any knots and tangles. The fewer tangles your hair has, the easier you can braid your hair. You should start combing from the bottom of your hair and work your way up. Make sure not to tug or pull the hair to hair to avoid shedding.

If you have curly hair, instead of waiting for it to air dry, it’s better to blow dry and flatten your hair. Apply some heat protectant first so that your hair will not dry. While you blow-dry, use a comb to straighten your hair. In this way, you can part your hair into sections easier.

Divide your hair into sections

Part your hair into as many sections as you want. Then, divide each section into smaller parts. The smaller parts will be the size of your braid; hence, it depends on you to make them like a jumbo and small like a micro. It’s better to use alligator clips to keep the parts you are not currently braiding out of the way. For each smaller part, let split it into 3 pieces and start braiding.

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03 How To Box Braid

Section your hair extensions

You should prepare 4-6 packs of hair extensions if you want to have long and thick braids. Then, place the hair extension in your fingers in a staggered line, which will give the ends of the braids a feathered look rather than being blunt and unnatural. Next, divide the hair into three sections. You should leave 1/3 of the hair to make new sections for braids later.

At this point, you will need to take a section of hair and put it over the remaining one, so they interlock into each other to form a loop. Make sure the first section is thicker than the other. The 2 pieces of hair should create a loose loop, where the smaller section hangs over the bigger section. And now you have 3 even sections of hair extension for the braiding process.

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Attach the hair extension

Pair the three looped pieces of hair extension with three pieces of your own hair as close to the scalp as possible and hold the loop down with your index finger. Then, start braiding down until you have completed the braid. Secure the end of each braid with a hair elastic band. And continue braiding the remaining sections of your hair and extensions to get a beautiful box braid hairstyle.

04 How To Box Braid

Some tips on caring for your box braids

  • Wash your scalp 3 to 4 times per week to avoid itchiness. You will need to part the braids and clip them up. Then, wash each section’s scalp at a time to avoid water the braids.
  • Apply some coconut oil or almond oil and massage your scalp to keep it hydrated. Try to cover the scalp with the oil as much as possible, but do not stain it on your braids.
  • Cover your braids with a silk or satin scarf before you go to bed to prevent frizziness. You can also change your pillow into a stain one to keep your box braids smooth.

05 How To Box Braid

  • Remove the style within 2 months. Normally, box braid usually lasts 6-8 weeks. But even when it still looks great, it’s better to take off the style so as not to harm your hair and scalp. If you keep it for too long, it may lead to long-term damage that will take you a lot of time and money to recover the original state.

Above is the tutorial for how to box braid. Let create a stunning hairstyle and enjoy your time with it fully. Thank you for reading.


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