How to blend your natural hair with 32 inch clip in extension

01 32 Inch Clip In Extension

Wearing hair extension brings us the beauty, the confidence and new hairstyles as well, especially long hair as 32 inch clip in extension. However, it is not easy to make your hair extension look naturally in your hair. No one wants to show their unreal hair at all. That’s why Apohair posts this article to find out tips to blend it to your natural hair.

Information about 32 inch clip in extension

02 32 Inch Clip In Extension

All clip in extensions come in 1 or multiple pieces which are made of weave and clips. Unlike other extension applications, this hair extension is an easy and do-it-yourself installation. You absolutely can do it at home without any damage, pain and time waste. Flexible in use and temporary bond are the outstanding features of it that attract many modern girls to use it. Instead of having a hairstyle in long time, clip in extension can transform you every day.

32 inch is equal to 80 cm which is almost 1 meter. It is so long for everyone. It can reach your thigh-length or even knee-length depending on your height.

Tips to have natural 32 inch hair look with clip in


Tip #1: Making hair layers with your clip in extension

03 32 Inch Clip In Extension

Layer hairstyle is back to trend in 2019. Hair is arranged into layers and the top layers are shorter than the beneath layers. It gives the illusion of length and volume. With the same concept, we use clip in extension to make layers. We have 2 ways for this tip.

Firstly, we can trim our 32 inch clip in extension. Usually, each set includes some pieces that will be applied in different place in your head. Depending on the place of each piece, you need to decide which one and how long should we trim.

Secondly, use different lengths of hair extension. In general, we need about 200g for a full head. However, 32 inch is too long so Apohair advices you to have at least 250g or 300g (you can make order for more but it cause more pressure to your hair and your scalp). Therefore, you can divide it into 3 sets, each set 100g with distinctive size for layers maker.

Tip #3: Using iron hair to make super straight

Undoubtedly, this tip for straight hair only. Both 32 inch clip in extension and your natural hair have different textures and volume. Restyling hair will be a great thought. Iron hair can help you in this case! Heat from your tools may cause damage to our hair and reduce life expectancy of hair extension. Hence, don’t forget to use hair protectant product before straightening your tress.

Tip #4: Having ombre or mix piano 32 inch clip in extension

04 32 Inch Clip In Extension

It is hard to have a flawless color fitness of your 32 inch clip in extension and your actual hair. Each hair vendor has their own color chart that may not include your natural hair color. Therefore, to have a perfect match is an unbelievable thing. No worry, Apohair will give you a very useful tip that is applying ombre and mix piano hair color.

Ombre color will have 2 parts, the upper part and the lower part. For upper part, you should choose a similar tint to your real hair. The lower part is freely to have new color idea. Mix piano 32 inch clip in extension works differently. It turns your hairstyle into balayage style which will blends slightly. These color ideas will trick human eyes without realizing hair extension somehow!

Tip #5: Purchasing flat weft clip in

05 32 Inch Clip In Extension

What is flat weft clip in? To understand it, we need to find out what flat weft is.

Flat weft is made of silicone track instead of weft. It is no glue, no stickiness so you needn’t worry about chemical damage. Thanks to that, it is thinner and lighter than traditional type. Clear silicone is the most attractive feature of flat weft. Your hair extension will be seamless and flawless which make it naturally.

As we all know, clip in extension includes machine weft sewn in a strip of cloth. However, flat weft clip in is absolutely different. Clips will be stick to the silicone part of flat weft. As a result, the bond between clip in extension and your actual hair will be hid cleverly.

Where to buy 32 inch clip in extension

Are you still looking for a good vendor with high quality products and favorable price? No need to waste your time anymore, Apohair will be yours.

06 32 Inch Clip In Extension

Apo hair is a leading company in exporting hair extension all over the world. We have 20 year experience in hair industry and a professional factory with 500 workers scale. Not only our available products, we are ready to design new hair extension types and make orders as clients’ request. With that flexibility, more than 100,000 customers from about 100 countries and territories have purchased hair extension from Apohair.

When you place orders, you are available to choose every color you want from our palette which includes 30 colors. From these color, let’s pop your hair up with ombre or mix color style. You absolutely can make your own hair tint that no one has. From classic to modern, our color chart not only has basic color as black, brown and blonde, it also has different shades of them. Thanks to this variety, we are proud of meeting end needs of hair market worldwide. 

If you are fed up with straight hair, let go wavy or curly hair. Apohair can help you. We can create about 30 patterns from straight, wavy, curly. Never mind about boring hairstyle anymore!

07 32 Inch Clip In Extension

We guarantee 32 inch clip in extension will:

  • Made from 100% remy human hair extension, no synthetic fibers
  • Last in 1-2 years with proper care
  • Blend perfectly to your actual hair without any irritation
  • Add extra volumes and reach your dreaming “Rapunzel” hair length.
  • Be available in all colors in our palette and all textures.

Long hair as 32 inch clip in extension is not easy to purchase. Come to Apohair now, we can solve it easily for you. You can contact our 24/7 online staff or shop at


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