How to bleach knots of your lace closure?

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You often hear the words “bleaching knots”, so what actually does that mean and how to do it? Let check the following guide and tips on bleaching knots of closure hair to get the answer.

What is bleaching knots on lace closure?

With a lace closure, hair is tied to a lace base, and there exists a dark knot where each hair strand is secured. Bleaching knots on your lace closure means removing the pigment from the knots, thereby making them invisible. After bleaching the knots, you will have a lace closure with the hair appearing as it grows from your scalp. Bleaching knots is also applicable for lace frontals and lace wigs.

Why should we bleach the knots on closure hair?

As a hair extension user, the last thing you want to confront is making it’s obvious that you are wearing hair extensions. That’s why making it look as natural as possible is always the top concern. And bleaching knots on your closure haircpiece is an important step to create a lace base with a seamless and natural look, just like your real scalp.

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How to bleaching knots on your closure hair piece?

What you need

Lace closure 


An aluminum foil


A bowl for mixing

A coloring brush

A blow dryer (optional)

T-pins (optional)


A mannequin head

03 Closure Hair

How to do

Step 1: Turn your lace closure inside out and put it into the mannequin head. You can use some T-pins to keep them in place. If your closure has baby hairs, let pin them down with clips to take them out of the way, so it won’t be affected during the bleaching process.

Step 2: Take 1-2 scoops of lightening powder into your bowl. Then, add less than an equal amount of the developer into the bowl and mix them into a thick consistency. The mixture should be similar to thick cottage cheese or frosting.

Step 3: Use the brush to gently dab the bleach onto the lace. Make sure that you are bleaching all of the knots of the lace base. After you finish, let coat your closure hair in the aluminum foil.

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Step 4: Wait until the knots on your lace closure are not visible anymore. They should now be in honey blonde color.

Step 5: Use water to rinse the bleach out of the lace closure. Make sure to keep the lace facing downwards first to avoid bleach getting onto the hair strands. Then, continue rinsing for about five more minutes until all of the bleach is cleared. You can use a neutralizing shampoo to suspend the chemical processes of the bleach.

Step 6: Apply some conditioner to make the hair smoother and then pat dry it with a clean towel.

Step 7: Let the lace closure air dry. If you’re in a rush, you can blow dry it, but it’s better to have it dry naturally to avoid damage after it goes through a chemical process.

Some useful tips for bleaching knots:

  • Avoid excessive bleaching so as not to harm your closure hair piece
  • Make sure the bleach mixture is thick, not like liquid
  • Apply enough bleach on the lace to cover all the knots
  • Once you see the knots turn into a honey blonde color, let start rinse the bleach out.
  • A sulfate-free shampoo can stop the processing of the chemicals from the bleach
  • If you are a newcomer, it’s better to have a hair salon do the bleaching for you or purchase a ready-to-use lace closure with bleached knots.

To master a natural look with your hairpiece, you will need to consider a few more things, but bleaching knots on your closure hair is the first step to do. We hope that this tutorial helps you do it easier. Thank you for reading.


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