Vietnam Human Hair
Vietnam Human Hair

If you are a big fan of Korean dramas, surely you can’t ignore the drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”. In this movie, Secretary Kim (Park Min Young) is so beautiful with her ponytail hairstyle which many girls assume that it is quite outdated. In fact, almost all girls with long Vietnam human hair have tried ponytail hairstyle at least once in their life.

Vietnam Human Hair

However, there is no doubt that ponytail hair brings us a feeling of youthfulness, freshness, modernity, personality and attractiveness which every girl wants to have. Ponytail hair is especially suitable for hot summer weather. Furthermore, it is a type of visual deceit because any girl with ponytail hair will look higher.

If you notice, you will see that Secretary Kim always creates volume in her ponytail hair every time she appears. So, the question raised is that: What is Secretary Kim’s tip? Let’s discover!

– Tie ponytail hair from half-tied hair:

It is very easy to tie ponytail hair from half-tied hair. First of all, you divide your hair into two layers. Tie the upper hair first, then put the lower hair into the upper hair which you have tied, fix two parts with a hair tie. By this way, your ponytail hair is tied up high on your head all day long without being pulled down.

Vietnam Human Hair 01

– Use hairpins:

Hairpins are considered as “small but martial” accessories which is indispensable for ponytail hairstyle. Apart from the benefits of fixing your Vietnam human hair, they also help to create a puffy pony hairstyle.

Vietnam Human Hair 00005

First, tie your Vietnam human hair up. To be more subtle, you can take a small piece of your hair and wrap it around the hair tie to hide this tie. Then, use 2 or 3 hairpins to pin on your hair to create the perfect volume ponytail.

Wish you all success with this hairstyle.



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