Medium Brown Hair
Medium Brown Hair

On November 30th, Ariana Grande released her new music video (MV) named “Thank You, Next”, which is inspired by the movie “Mean Girls”.

In the MV, Ariana Grande acts as a mature girl who begins to look back on what happened to her in the past with the help of a pink diary. She used to be a bad girl but now she is more mature and responsible. Noticeably, Ariana has transformed herself with 4 different hairstyles.

Straight blonde hair

Straight Blonde Hair

Ariana Grande first appears in her new MV with a flattering hairstyle which is straight, blonde and quite voluminous. Although there is no special feature, the wig seems to fit her skin tone. This hairstyle along with her make-up makes the American singer look really like a Barbie doll lying in her own bed – a cute bed with colorful objects and a big teddy bear. Through her appearance as well as the space around her, what the watchers think about her may be the image of a pampered girl.

Super high ponytail without bangs

Super High Ponytail Without Bangs

Ribbon drawstring straight ponytail is known as the signature hairstyle of Ariana Grande. This hairstyle has been associated with her since 2014 and it has become her most favorite and popular hairstyle. The hair extensions are attached to her hair right on the top of her head. As can be seen, the base of the ponytail is wrapped around by a strand of hair so that the joints can be hidden. It is a very tight ponytail without bangs which helps to show off her slim face.

Ariana Grande is a girl with a modest height (just about 153 centimeters). It may be the reason why she often wears a super high ponytail to make her look a little bit taller. Furthermore, it can not be denied that super high ponytail without bangs has helped to depict her dynamics and her youthful which she wants to show in her MV.

Medium brown hair

Medium Brown Hair

In the next scenes, Ariana Grande plays the role of a daydreamer. The 23-year-old pop star goes for a dark brown hairstyle. Her medium length hair with side parting perks up at the hair ends. This is known as a classic hairstyle for young ladies who come from wealthy families. It seems to be a quite new hairstyle of Ariana Grande as it brings her a different appearance in comparison with what her super high ponytail does.

Super high ponytail with side bangs

Super High Ponytail With Side Bangs

Ariana Grande continues to wear a super high ponytail, but it is a loose ponytail with side bangs. Her ombre bangs are long and wavy. This is a shoulder length bangs which is swept to one side.

It can be said that her super high ponytail with ombre side bangs along with sunglasses on her head makes her look really cool and rebellious.

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